Recently LBPP had the chance to check out one of the best hip hop acts in Long Beach and what better place then the revived Basement Lounge. I used to come to the Basement when they first opened a few years back, when it was aimed at being a swanky lounge featuring mostly DJ’s, but now with new owners, management, upgraded sound system, and awesome promoters like Markus D. Manley and Noel E. B., the Basement is the place to be on a Thrusday night.

I got to the venue just before they start charging a cover at 10:30 and only second before contributor Rajh started his opening set. The vibe was chill and there was already a decent crowd lounging around enjoying $2 PBR’s. It’s funny when you end up at an event and see a bunch of people you haven’t seen in forever, but you just pick up right where you left off like no time had passed. Next up was Long Beach’s Mr. Xquisit, and even though I have seen him before and was not really feeling his set, he did a great job and the crowd was right there with him. Thursday nights “BIG AUDIO” at the Basement has really taken off with the new changes, and I was about to be blown away and didn’t even realize it!

When Audible Mainframe took the stage sporting a 6 piece band with almost twice as many instruments I KNEW I was in for a great show. The guys from Audible blend that old school hip hop of EPMD, Cool G Rap, and the like with their forward looking style they describe as “Future Throwback Hip Hop” and the description is right on. There are no beats on track and every piece of the show is played live, which really lends credibility to their music. Their stage performance is top quality, with catchy hooks, great back ups, flashy dancing, and an energy I have not felt from hip hop in ages.

You can take my word or you can check out all the great video footage of Audible Mainframe that we took at the Basement and make the decision for yourself. In the oh-so-true words of lead singer Expo, “We’re on to something great”, and if they keep it up it won’t just be “great”, but legendary.




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Shea Newkirk

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