The Barrelhousers are a local trio, that I’d describe as ‘Folk music,’ if I were forced to
stick them in a bag…It’s ready for the pub, and a Pint of Guinness or three… Blessed
with real multi-instrumentality (just because you have the axe, doesn’t mean you play it
well, or should call yourself a ____ player—very nice pickin’ on this), the vocals have a
thick pad of bright chords to float on…. Very Nice Effort, cleanly recorded….

Grandpa At War—Pub Music, plain and simple…the instrumentation is bright, tight and
spirited (Ryan Pena plays Mandolin, Snare Drum, Piccolo, Bass, Banjo, and performs
Backing Vocals on this project)

Love Me Sometimes—Funky, a la The Beatles “Rubber Soul”…has a fun little bounce
to it… “You have to desecrate the temple to keep it standing…great lyric, and a daring
vocal, with unexpected high notes…

General Sherman Blues—The Banjo is driving this one, like a hip version of a Kingston
Trio song… “And, you’ll beg for mercy you never gave your fellow man..” GREAT
Banjo pickin’ on this one….

About the Author

Dave Williams

Dave Williams is a veteran Long Beach, Ca. Jazz Trumpeter, Composer, Poet and Musical Director of the NuJazz/Funk/HipHop collective MajicBulletTheory. In his former life, Williams was a MC and Hip Hop Producer.

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