PRESS START… 8-Bit Jazz Heroes are a jazz duo of guitar and upright bass. They arrange video game music, along with some movie and TV themes into classic cool jazz. You can catch them a few times a week around LA and OC including plenty of Long Beach venues, like Exhibition Room, La Creperie Cafe, Public Beer and Wine Shop and others.

Adam Bellotto and Robby Delosier have over 40 years of experience playing jazz. They have over 60 years experience sitting on their butts and playing video games. And one day they had the genius idea to put both of those things together.

Now they’re the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes, a duo that arranges and performs jazz interpretations of classic video game music (with the occasional movie or TV theme in there). They just recorded their first record a few weeks ago called “Press Start,” a collection of video game arrangements, check it out below!

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