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Don Bleezy is Originaly from the CrestSide of Vallejo Ca. "From the soils where them rappaz be gettin their lingo from" In the Rap Game Don Bleezy Represented his Musical Skills and formed the group Boss Playas with Big Mel and Jas D Hogg. Puttin to use his skills as a Producer and a Rap Artist brought him to the next level. Boss Playas were Presented into the Game by D-Shot of the Click. They dropped two highly anticipated Cds. Now back in Long Beach where he was born, Don Bleezy is sure to be the next Russel Simmons. He is elevating to Multi Media Outlets and various creative projects including producing Long Beach Pirate Video showcasing on Long Beach Independent and Long Beach Community Television. "2016' includes music videos as well as new online shows featuring the best in Long Beach Independent music!!

Recent Submissions

Long Beach Pirate Video: Episode 31 feat. Furcast & The Latest Craze

Episode #31 is all about new school meeting old school. We first hit up the Federal Bar Long Beach Tall Robot 420 show rocking out to the psychedelic trap funk jazz of Furcast (New School). Then we hi... READ MORE

Long Beach Pirate Video: Episode 30 Feat. Seek The Freek, Meow Twins, Nectarines

For the Big 30, Long Beach Pirate Video goes to 4th Street to feel the indie rock vibe of Seek the Freek, to a New Year's Eve House Party moshing with Meow Twins, to 'ain't nuthin but a Porch Party' s... READ MORE

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 16 Feat. KING KANG & The Vespertines

From Night Dive to Alex Bar, women are doing thangs musically in Long Beach. Check out these local bands KING KANG and The Vespertines performing locally and soon worldwide.

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 15 Feat. The Master Plan

This episode of Long Beach Pirate Video is for the sexy, sophisticated people with the cool funky jazz sounds of the incomparable The Master Plan, and the vocal stylings of Long Beach's Soul Brother #... READ MORE

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 14 feat. Bad Habit + YNGNFRSH

"DISCLAIMER" - This episode of Long Beach Pirate Video contains explicit language, PRO-Drug songs, excessive bikini booty shaking and the Fly Rap Skills of YNGNFRSH, the lyrical freestylings of Cannib... READ MORE

The Black Noise @ Live After Five June

The Black Noise at the Legendary Breakers Hotel Long Beach ripping through Bill Whithers classic hits at Live After Five Neo Soulstrice.

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 13 Feat. SLICE, Hellgal, Miniature Houses, Daniel Chavez

Fun times in the Sun time Sunday afternoon at 4th Street Vine at Long Beach Music Collective Compilation Release Party. Featuring the Santana infused rock of Daniel Chavez, to the surf guitar rock of... READ MORE

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 11 Feat. Bootleg Orchestra, The Black Noise & More

Live After Five (Neo Soulstrice) show at the Historic Breakers Hotel featuring Bootleg Orchestra, The Black Noise, Jungle Fever, and Tiffany Gouche'. Poetry by Jragon Fly Jon, Shy But Flyy, and Nerdy... READ MORE

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 10 Feat. Bobby Blunders & MBT

Without Jazz, the most freeing improvisational art forms in music, their would be no Magic Bullet Theory. Without Soul, Rock. Blues, their would be no Bobby Blunders.