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Long Beach Music Collective – FORTUNES (Spring 2016 Compilation)

LBMC is a seasonal collaboration between artists in Long Beach, CA and surrounding areas. Made to inspire musicians and artists to create!

Big Bad Rooster Self-titled Debut Album

These boys have been kicking around great tunes in Long Beach for quite a few years now, and while the cast of pickers has changed over time, the addition of Tristan Cole-Falek on the low end has real... READ MORE

Forever Northside EP

North Long Beach native, DCJunior, dropped his debut six song EP entitled "Forever Northside" Thursday. The Rapper/Producer is looking to step right in the mix of the Long Beach rap scene and make a i... READ MORE

DCHAV debut single “ALL THE LIGHT” shines brightly

All the Light is the first collaborative track from Long Beach Dream Rock group, DCHAV. Fronted by Long Beach musician, Daniel Chavez (Karl?, Thy Squid, Big Sun) DCHAV is fresh on the scene with a dre... READ MORE

Radio Hearts – Daytime Man EP

Listen to the new EP from local band Radio Hearts called Daytime Man. Long Beach based group with a mix of Buzzcocks, Generation X, Jam and Undertones.

half•alive – tip toes

Bearwulf – Con Otros

Rudy De Anda – Hunger Cloud

Litronix – Are You New Age?

Niles Crane – Special Projects Officer

Bootleg Orchestra – Feels Like Whoa

A love song. To purchase, go to…-like-whoaVocals - Vanessa Acosta Guitar/Producer - Menchie Caliboso Drums - Chris Walker (former band member)Back-up Vocals: A... READ MORE

Radiohearts – Tell You EP

In the corners where punk masquerades in pop’s clothing, where power marries pop to piss off their parents and where finding a rare single from the years between 1977-79 is as good as winning the lott... READ MORE

Bundy – The Demo

The Thingz – Troubles Begin

The Thingz like rock n roll, BBQ, good times and all the good things. if you feel the same way, the Thingz are here for you...

Lovely Outlaws – Timber

The Lovely Outlaws are a tiny but mighty country-pop trio with songs that give you a knowing look and a few playful winks!

India House – Over Punk Forever EP

Short and sweet! The life of India House as a fun local band has come to an end and here is the EP to prove it. A few words from the band:"Here's our final EP. Songs were recorded in various bedrooms,... READ MORE