Sparky & The Ancient Mariner + Friends of Music @ The Beach Hut

February 18, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Ladies & Gentlemen… The list of guest artists that will be joining us this Saturday, 2/18 at The Beach Hut…(And these are also some awesome people who have supported and advocated for local music and musicians, too!). The evening goes from 5:39-9 pm.. You won’t want to miss it!

Line-up for Saturday, Feb 18th (5:30 – 9:00 pm)
Sparky AndThe AncientMariner – open 5:30 – 5:55 pm
Jack Blake – playing 6:00 – 6:30 pm
John Goss & Tie-Oma Goss – playing 6:35 – 7:30 pm
Sparky AndThe AncientMariner – playing 7:35 – 8:30 pm
Rik Boose – playing 8:35 – 9:00 pm

…And we heard that the fabulous Pic N Purple will be present!!!
Sparky AndThe AncientMariner (Benjamin & Tracey) will be doing a split set, something we enjoy doing from time to time..
We will be opening from 5:30 – 5:55 pm and playing again from 7:35 – 8:30 pm) We will be playing some new music we are really excited about, Including a few new originals.

And (drum roll…) is a bit about each guest artist… we are really excited to present each and every one of these giving and talented folks!!! This is the first of a series of Beachhut Delihb gigs we will do called, “Saluting Those Who Support Musicians”. What a perfect place to do this, as Ryan and The Beachhut Delihb have been so supportive of us and local music & musicians.

Jack Blake (6:00 – 6:30 pm) – the storyteller who describes himself as “The Redneck Kid From Mississippi” … Awesome Americana music with gritty vocals that inspire… Jack has supported musicians in so many ways, including Bogart’s open mic in Seal Beach.. He’s been to The Hut many times to support others, including us, and we are jazzed to get to hear him at our venue :). Jack recently gave us a copy of his CD, and we love it! He’s pretty humble and may not say it, but we will.. It’s awesome! Jack Blake

John Goss & Tie-Oma Goss (6:35 – 7:30 pm) – Americana and Folk with a touch of rich Native American music… These two have selflessly served musicians at The Royal Cup Cafe in Long Beach for some time.. We are excited to have the chance to hear them at The Hut! We really want y’all to come out and hear their unique music and catch the love and kindness that flows out of these two.. There’s really no category for them because they are truly amazing and unique… And there’s no way to really explain how lovely they are – you just gotta come on out.

Rik Boose (closing, 8:35 – 9:00 pm) – a great friend…1/2 of one of our favorite couples (Sue his wife is awesome too) .. And an incredible photographer who has spent hours capturing so many of our circle of musicians on film… He makes us all feel great.. Rik was the photographer for our CD, “Smoke Don’t Rise”, and Sparky’s profile shot on FB up now is by him.. As are so many others of our favorites.. What you may not know about Rik yet is that he is a very talented acoustic guitarist… His renditions of songs you know and may not know are so beautiful. Sparky’s favorite is “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and The Ancient Mariner’s is a Doc Watson cover, “Deep River Blues”… Whatever he chooses for Saturday will be a treat. Susan Nolan Boose

The Beach Hut is located near Beach & Garfield in Huntington Beach behind Chase Bank…