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EXCLUSIVE: Snakearm – Concrete

When you think "restaurant" you don't think electro-blues swamp punk band, you think food I don't have to cook that will probably taste better then that bag of instant noodles I had lined up.  Fortuna... READ MORE


Local Show Pick Of The Week: Fartbarf – Restavrant – Bella Novela – Bombon

A bunch of circuit bending monkeys will invade Alex's Bar tonight, March 3rd for local band Fartbarft's record release show for their new album "Dirty Power". If you are not familiar with Fartbarf, I... READ MORE

Long Beach Folk Revival In Review

We have been to a lot of music festivals this year but the 1st Annual Long Beach Folk Revival Festival was by far our favorite. Looking to fill the void left by the now defunct Rose Park Bluegrass Fes... READ MORE


Restavraunt, Moonsville Collective & More @ Alex’s Bar Review

Anyone still in doubt of the fact that the roots scene is alive and thriving in LBC would’ve done well to check out last Friday’s romp at Alex’s. Loosely unified under the banner of Americana, this qu... READ MORE