Write For Us

We are always looking for casual bloggers, photographers, and videographers  that want to write short, informative, articles about music in Long Beach. We don’t require you to be a pro at writing, but at least know basic grammar and spelling and have a passion for music. You can cover just about ANYTHING as long as it has to do with the Long Beach music scene. Show reviews, CD previews, posting mp3s, music videos, artist interviews, venue reviews, etc.

We are a community resource and we don’t generate revenue, therefore we can offer no pay, but the incentives are great! We can get you into venues and shows locally, and you get great exposure for yourself and the music you follow and love. All we ask is that you commit to a set schedule. If you have tons of time and you can write a blog 1 time per week then keep to that schedule and try to do at least 1 a week. If you only have enough time to write 1 time a month, then that’s fine too. You let us know how often you can post and we will do everything we can to help you craft the best articles and stories.

If this sounds like it interests you then send us an email to info@longbeachindependent.com with the subject line “Request to Contribute”.

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