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Monthly Archives: December 2006


Money Grubbin’ Whores

Who doesn’t hate money grubbin’ whores? Well The Deadbeat Dads sure do and for good reason as their live track “Money” from their new album “All My Exes Cash My Checkses” says. At first, when I listen... READ MORE


The Prisoners Dilemma: The Right Foundation

“Yeah, if we take that gig I won’t be able to play with that company anymore.” Between questions about the scene, their music, and their life as musicians, a side conversation between David Gibbs (gui... READ MORE


Long Beach Drinkers Against Drunk Driving Benefit Show

Join LBPP, Long Beach Underground Magazine, and Long Beach Drinkers Against Drunk Driving DECEMBER 15th at the BROKEASS CANTINA for a holiday benefit show to support DUI awareness. Its only $5 and you... READ MORE