When I think of all the local bands that I like, the guys from This Love Machine were always on the top of my list. Unknowingly I had met their lead singer Matt Edwall in an English class at LBCC years before I heard their music and made the connection. LBPP first booked these guys for our Atomic Roxx Tour we did in April of 2006. While they only played an acoustic show, the energy and talent was quite apparent which is why it is a shame that they have now decided to call it quits.
Before the Machine saw the end of its life, I had a chance to talk to Matt about the band, the touring, the music, and his hot girlfriend while on the road for what was to be their very last tour.

LBpartyproject: YO

danklilnug: hey hey

LBpartyproject: sorry i didnt get back to you the other day

LBpartyproject: was busy with work

LBpartyproject: hows the tour going?

danklilnug: no worries

danklilnug: its alright…its really bad weather

LBpartyproject: so whats up with the interview then?

danklilnug: you can either email me or we can do it on aim

LBpartyproject: got time now?

danklilnug: yeah shoot

LBpartyproject: How did you come up with the name This Love Machine?

danklilnug: we wanna promote love through hateful music

danklilnug: hence the the name this love machine when our music is filled up with spiteful and lustful motives

LBpartyproject: that is an interesting approach, do you think it has worked so far?

danklilnug: we’ve covered some ground with it in the last 2 years or so so we figure keep going

LBpartyproject: when you guys got together was TLM your first choice?

danklilnug: yeah we had a name before we had songs so we kept the theme going

LBpartyproject: I like the idea of going with a theme and sticking to it, seems to work these days.

LBpartyproject: I know you guys haven’t always played together, so how did you come to mee the rest of the guys?

danklilnug: well working for us is just writing songs and playing shows and hopefully making millions of dollars and being coked out dickheads

LBpartyproject: i thought that you were already the last part no?

danklilnug: well mike joe and myself all played together and robert is joes brother and chase is some older man, 38 or so we met in a garage drinking straight from the keg

danklilnug: we’ve all know each other for a while

LBpartyproject: How did you start singing? I heard that you can play some mean drums.

danklilnug: I play drums. I just started screaming a lot and then I used to have a vocal processor and would do crazy voice manipulations and stuff and then I started getting my confidence a little and tried singing. It works for what we do but I’m no jeff buckley you know

LBpartyproject: Do you like singing better then being behind the kit?

danklilnug: both of their advantages….like when I’m sick I’d be playing drums. or when I’m mad about something I’d like to beat up the skins. but I like the control of being a singer and having the control of that 30 or so minutes we get to play. I don’t like depending on other singers to get up there cause usually they say too much or suck or something

LBpartyproject: i feel that one

LBpartyproject: Have you ever taken any lessons?

danklilnug: yeah I had some lessons with some mexican lady for a while, then some barber shop quartet dude and no I’m taking lessons again with a really pro guy who’s teaching me a lot of new breathing techniques. truly advantages.

LBpartyproject: Are those breathing techniques also usefull in the sack?

LBpartyproject: Because that would be well worth the money

danklilnug: I’ve been gone so when I get back ill see what happens.

LBpartyproject: TLM is on tour right now, what show have you done or are going to do that you are the most excited about?

danklilnug: tonight is el corazon in seattle which I’m pretty stoked on

danklilnug: and the lebanon oregon show is gunna be fun too

LBpartyproject: You seem to play a lot of shows in the Southwest and Northwest, how do the people treat you?

danklilnug: soooooo good. people are so good to us. they house us, feed us, give us cash if were dying. its pretty rad, but a lot harder than it sounds

LBpartyproject: do you have to sell your man love for all these wonderful things?

LBpartyproject: Cause that sounds hard to me…. if ya know what im sayin

danklilnug: we have to impose on people to survive and it becomes embarassing a little cause were asking not for just one person, but 6 cause we have a roadie right now, to hook us up

LBpartyproject: Having a roadie must be nice….

danklilnug: yeah he’s hot so when he sleeps we touch him

LBpartyproject: So would you say that you have made a lot of fans thru your touring adventures?

danklilnug: oh for sure. physical and personal interaction always beats myspace or impersonal contact

LBpartyproject: What about groupies?

LBpartyproject: Are you For or Against?

danklilnug: n/a

LBpartyproject: does n/a mean that you are all gay?

LBpartyproject: that cute roadie makes alot more sense now if so….

danklilnug: gayer than shit

LBpartyproject: Can i tell your girlfriend you have switched sides?

LBpartyproject: hehe

danklilnug: hehe

LBpartyproject: What do you do in your spare time on the road? I know that some of those drives there isnt shit for miles

danklilnug: watch movies, drink tea, make fun of each others moms, and we got a car pa system so everytime we see a cow or horse we make the animal sound that fits accordingly to ultimately fuck with nature

LBpartyproject: Sounds like some custom shit

danklilnug: fa sho

LBpartyproject: Perhaps you should market those along with your trendy TLM tote bags huh?

danklilnug: its a must have for really anyone that has a car

LBpartyproject: Some of your songs aren’t too shaby, who does the


danklilnug: all of us do the put together and mike chase and myself do most of the create. mostly guitars

LBpartyproject: What song do you hate playing the most?

danklilnug: simon says

LBpartyproject: Is that one of those songs that everyone always asks for?

danklilnug: no thank god

LBpartyproject: Which song is going to take you to the top then?

danklilnug: new shit is off the chain man

danklilnug: it’ll blow you and swallow and leave right after

LBpartyproject: So you been work on kick ass new material huh?

LBpartyproject: When will us privildged folk get to hear it?

danklilnug: soon

LBpartyproject: Does that mean a new album?

danklilnug: I’m not saying anything because were switching ideas

danklilnug: left and right

LBpartyproject: what does that mean?

LBpartyproject: Care to elaborate a little ?

LBpartyproject: Ill keep it on the d/l i promise *crosses fingers*

danklilnug: switching ideas on what the best way, efficient, and cost preventive way to release as much this next year as possible

LBpartyproject: ahhh

danklilnug: you know man

danklilnug: regardless were gunna release shit

danklilnug: just this tour were gunna sit down and decide what exactly were gunna do

LBpartyproject: did you get that gig with zebrahead?

danklilnug: no gigs with zebrahead but as soon as we get back were recording

danklilnug: were cancelling our jan feb tour too

LBpartyproject: thats cool

danklilnug: and firing the booking agent

LBpartyproject: lol

LBpartyproject: why i thought he was the bomb?

danklilnug: cause he has a different plan than what we wannna do and we don’t need him for the kind of touring we want

LBpartyproject: was he trying to force you on the wrong venues?

danklilnug: no but guerrilla touring

danklilnug: it won’t work

LBpartyproject: oh like playing shows back to back to back

danklilnug: sorta. like that’s ok to do, but its the venues or clubs you do it at

danklilnug: it doesn’t make sense to be playing like washington in a really popular venue when you’re not popular

LBpartyproject: yeah, do you guys play with any big bands?

danklilnug: no were gunna stay on the west coast and fucking play teen centers and cafe’s and coffee houses

LBpartyproject: if you are atleast opening up for a popular band in the area that is similar maybe you will win people over

danklilnug: I don’t think so this tour

danklilnug: and that’s the point

LBpartyproject: but im sure you jailbait lovin mofo’s gotta LOVE teen centers….

LBpartyproject: yeah that sucks then bro

danklilnug: its retarded to go out to semi big places when no one knows you

LBpartyproject: yeah for sure

LBpartyproject: the problem with booking agents

LBpartyproject: is they get the gig, but dont necessiarly promote that gig for you in that city

danklilnug: its not discouraging to me, it just makes me redefine touring and what its supposed to do

LBpartyproject: atleast you are learning

danklilnug: exactly

LBpartyproject: make sure to tell me everything so when i want to go on tour i dont get fucked with….hehehe

danklilnug: I’m pretty fucking sure I know what to do when it comes to touring

danklilnug: I will for sure

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