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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Leperkhanz @ The Gaslamp – St. Paddy’s Day 2006

The Leperkhanz preform at LBPP's St. Patrick's Day party held at The Gaslamp in Long Beach. This was a crazy good time!


Brew Swiggin’s With Bruce Wiggins

I first met Bobby Kronk about 2 years ago, when there was no band called Bruce Wiggins, just an idea that floated in between drum beats and guitar riffs. We met in that round about way that all people... READ MORE


The Return of Faded Friday’s with LMNO of Visionaries

FADED FRIDAY's are BACK! For those of you that have supported LBPP from the beginning the legendary club night and Long Beach's ONLY Old School Hip Hop club, Faded Friday's, is making its kickass retu... READ MORE