Last Saturday LBPP headed to downtown Long Beach for the second installment of the Summer And Music concert series; Rockabilly on Pine. We got there just as Miguel Garcia & the Vaquetones were ending their set. The crowd was pretty sparse with most people still standing up on the sidewalks watching from afar, which I suppose would have looked even worse had they put the stage at one of the ends of the blocked off street instead of right in the middle of the block. Now I’m no Rockabilly expert, but calling the Vaquetones a Rockabilly band is a far stretch as I would say their music falls more into the Tejano/Country category. Even though the Orange County outfit didn’t bring much of a crowd for an event on Pine Avenue, they still performed well and it was good to see them kick it at Taco Beach after their set.

Rockabilly on Pine Summer and Music Festival 2010

Rockabilly on Pine Summer and Music Festival 2010

While James Intveld was setting up we decided to grab some beers and grub at Taco Beach, so we could still check out all the action. It took James a while to get going and there might have been a DJ spinning in between, but once he did he took off like a freight train. Inveld and band have frequented the Blue Cafe in the past and it was good to see them back in the LBC, but once again I feel the need to point out that James Intveld is just NOT Rockabilly!!! He plays some great Country/Americana songs and really keeps the crowd entertained, but if you are going to call it “Rockabilly on Pine” maybe try having an actual Rockabilly band…

By the time James started his set a much nice size crowd had shown up, including a few dressed for the show, but still not the thousand or so you would think for a closed off street in the hear of Long Beach. The band played some great sing along tunes including a cover by Merle Haggard, and with awesome solos from just about everyone in the band including a face melter by the lap steel player. Despite the face that there were NO local bands on the bill, adjacent venues had not coordinated their efforts, barely half the closed street was used, and none of the entertainment really qualified as “Rockabilly”, LBPP still had a good time listening to some good music on a solar powered stage.

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