Rome singing with Sublime close up

Rome singing with Sublime close up

Once again LBPP returns to KROQ’s annual Weenie Roast and the line up for 2010 was one we just couldn’t miss! Although I have been to many Weenie Roast’s over the years this one was particularly special because it was the return of Sublime to SoCal. When I first heard that Sublime was getting back together with some new singer I almost couldn’t believe it. Around these parts Sublime is not only a legendary band, but the godfathers of a HUGE part of the local Long Beach music scene so when they make their return with a new singer EVERYONE is skeptical. Does Rome, Eric, and Bud pull it off resulting in continued fame for the re-structured band and their already-classic set of songs, or disaster; as they go down in flames with a feeble attempt to replace one of musics greats?

Well… I was there and even though I was just as skeptical as everyone else I must say that technically he was pretty much perfect, but I felt that he lacked the passion that Brad had. He didn’t have the command of the audience, the spirit, the vibe, it just wasn’t there. So while I had a blast enjoying some of  Long Beach’s favorite jams, and Rome did a great job with music and singing, he is definitely no Bradley Nowell. Even though it’s not the real deal Sublime, I’ll still smoke two joints in honor of the music of a Long Beach legend.

Check out more picture of Rome with Sublime and all the other bands including: Deftones, Chevelle, Devo, Stone Temple Pilots, Against Me, Paramore, Temper Trap, Spoon, Cage the Elephant all on the PICS tab

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