It seems like just last week that I ran into Liza Mitchell at 517 Pine Avenue, where she ultimately explained that the old hookah lounge was going to be turned into an art gallery. What a great idea I thought, and invited her to sit in our our next LBPP planning meeting. Well… from that meeting came the first ever show at Exhibit [a] and since then the transformed location has been hosting sponsored events that mix art, music, and good people! Unfortunately, like all good things Exhibit [a]’s stay at the Stoney Pines building was short lived as now the great gals from The Infinite Yoga are moving into the space and Exhibit [a] has moved to the very dull corporate box just one space down the block. The new location of Exhibit [a] is much smaller and does not feel as inviting to me. That’s why we are glad we got opportunity to be part of something so special and we just happened to film it so we could share it with all the people who missed out. The video features a Long Beach group called Bandito, who, along with Rajh, rocked the last show at the original Exhibit [a]. Don’t miss this video, its something straight out of the days when Sublime rocked it to a few heads in a ghetto backyard somewhere in the LBC.

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Shea Newkirk

Executive Editor, Long Beach Independent

Shea has been involved in the Long Beach music scene since 2003 helping to promote unsigned, independent bands and musicians through various media including photos, video, event production, and marketing. Founder of and Folk Revival Festival as well as a musician with over 15 years experience, Shea has a great ear for finding the best independent music coming out of the local Long Beach music scene.

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