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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Vaudeville – Folk Spectacular @ The LB Art Theater w/ Alyssandra & The Daymakers 09.23.10

Alyssandra & The Daymakers celebrate the release of their new album with a Vaudevillian style show featuring music, poetry, dancing, acrobatics, and a variety of other entertainment.


A Vaudeville Spectacular Review

To Wikipedia, Vauderville is a theatrical genre of variety entertainment made up of a series of separate, unrelated acts grouped together on a common bill and was popular in the United States and Cana... READ MORE

Free Moral Agents Behind The Scenes Video Shoot for Little Trouble Girl 09.16.10 had some fun watching the makings of Free Moral Agents new single called "Little Trouble Girl", which is a Sonic Youth Cover from the Washing Machine album. Check out the funny stuff, as well... READ MORE


Free Moral Agents Video Shoot For Sonic Youth Cover

Random is good sometimes, but then other times it gets you in a little trouble girl... THIS time though random was good as LBPP randomly ended up at the wrap up video shoot of local band Free Moral Ag... READ MORE


Long Beach Latin American Parade & Festival This Weekend

This Saturday will mark the 2nd annual Latin American Parade & Festival in Long Beach, thanks to the efforts of local council member Robert Garcia and the DLBA. They have really stepped it up this... READ MORE


Rock N’ Roll Residency 90806 with R. Scott and The Carnevel Kings

Keyboardist/Vocalist R. Scott and the Carnevel Kings will be holding down a residency at the Puka Bar , in West Long Beach-- every 4th Wednesday of the month. Scott plans to feature other local bands... READ MORE


Vaudeville Fun At The Art With Alyssandra & The Daymakers

Its Vaudeville time! If you have no idea what that means you have even more reason to check out this awesome show. This Thursday, September 23rd, Long Beach locals Allyssandra & The Daymakers rele... READ MORE

Big Audio @ The Basement Lounge w/ Audible Mainframe, Rajh, & Mr. Xquisit 09.09.10 caught Big Audio on Thrusdays at the Basement Lounge in Long Beach. This show as off the hook, featuring all local acts. Check out Expo from Audible Mainframe as he talks about his music, Bos... READ MORE

Audible Mainframe play One LIVE! @ Big Audio 09.09.10

Econ from Audible rock their opening track called "One". These guys are a force to be reckoned with!

Audible Mainframe play Ice Cold LIVE! @ Big Audio 09.09.10 caught Audible Mainframe at The Basement Lounge in Long Beach for BIG AUDIO. They play their hit "Ice Cold", but the track is HOT!

Rajh plays Monster LIVE! @ Big Audio 09.09.10

The Basement Lounge hosts BIG AUDIO and contributor Rajh performs his hit single "MONSTER".


Sit Back Relax ‘Cause Audible Mainframe Is Back

Recently LBPP had the chance to check out one of the best hip hop acts in Long Beach and what better place then the revived Basement Lounge. I used to come to the Basement when they first opened a few... READ MORE


Kyle Gass Vows To Play Di Piazza’s Till Death

If you love live music then you have been to Di Piazza's in Long Beach at least once. It's a small mom and pop venue run by the man himself Mark Di Piazza, who has been supporting music in Long Beach... READ MORE

Trainwreck play John Bartholomew Blues @ Di Piazza’s 09.04.10

Mark Di Piazza's is the MAN! so says Kyle Gass of Tenacious D and vows to play at Di Piazzas until he dies!


Talk Like A Pirate Day Is Coming September 19th!

We love holidays at and a few years aft we found a rather unique one that a few pirates had started and has become one o' our favorite yearly events. If you love pirates and fun times then In... READ MORE

Trainwreck play Lee LIVE! @ Di Piazza’s 09.04.10

Short and sweet! Nothing rocks like LEE! crew check out Trainwreck at Di Piazza's in Long Beach.