It seems that live music venues are in short supply these days… Long Beach has struggled the past few years with some major ones closing like the Vault 350, but not all is lost. There has been a slew of somewhat underground establishments that have sprung up over the past year or so and the new MADhouse is a great example. MAD stands for Music+Art+Digital Media, and the combination of live art and music has really grown a scene of it’s own here in Long Beach.

With their grand opening show called “Epiphany 624” to kick off this weekend, its a MAD mashup that you really wont want to miss. This event is an ALL AGES event, which you don’t see too many of this quality, featuring some great local underground talent. $6 bucks gets you in, and for those 21 and up there is a full bar, with projections by LA PHOTOBAT, dance exhibition from The UCLA Jerk Kings, live art experiments by Alex Rios and or course live music!

Live performances by Rajh, Ashley Dominique, Rahfee Zahkee, Fox and Bear, Little Red Radio, Roc$teady, and The Dope Show will give you a small taste of what MADhouse has in store for you in the coming months. Each artist brings a little something different to the table music wise so make sure to check them out before you head out this Saturday. The event starts at 8pm and for those that are confused about the location, its a warehouse just behind the Rite-Aid on 6th street.

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About the Author

Shea Newkirk

Executive Editor, Long Beach Independent

Shea has been involved in the Long Beach music scene since 2003 helping to promote unsigned, independent bands and musicians through various media including photos, video, event production, and marketing. Founder of and Folk Revival Festival as well as a musician with over 15 years experience, Shea has a great ear for finding the best independent music coming out of the local Long Beach music scene.

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