Viking Glory 3-Day Photo Contest at LBCC (both LAC and PCC Campus)

Long Beach City College’s (LBCC) diverse population makes this college a model urban environment for other cities. Yet our community does not have a complete story of our school or its unique student population.

We created the Viking Glory 3-Day Photo contest from noon on April 20 to noon on April 23 at both PCC and LAC campuses. The Viking Glory Project will give us a collective voice by capturing who we are with creative enthusiasm. We invite all students, staff members, faculty, administrators, alumni and community partners to get involved in the photo contest. With a camera or cell phone you are open to both LAC and PCC campuses. We will create unity between teams of students, departments and disciplines. Together we will produce a photo contest, art exhibit, and the creation of a photo book.

Contest Rules, Liability and Model Release Forms, and Contest Details can be found below or email us for these forms directly at [email protected]. You must submit liability release forms and follow all contest rules to be a contestant. There is no charge to enter contest. You can submit up to 10 of your favorite pictures. Full rights and privileges to utilize these photos in numerous ways will be given to the college. Pictures will be shared in photo art exhibits, photo book and to the discretion of the college in the future.

Project Founder and former President of Men of Aztlan, Nick Ortiz and Project Advisor, Carina Cristiano are inspired by other the successful photo contests by Justin Rudd’s Citywide “Say Cheese” and Blair Cohn’s “Summer Shutters” for Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association. Their guidance has helped us establish our goals and objectives.

Organizers of the event include the Men of Aztlan of LBCC. They are a social service club serving the college and the greater LBC for nearly 20 years. They develop leadership, academic, and athletic excellence in each of their members. All members fulfill 100 service hours per month as part of their membership eligibility.

We want to give special thanks to President Eloy Oakley, Robert Garcia, First Lady Nancy Foster, Chi-Cheung Keung, Camille Bolton; Bill Zeilinger, Sabrina Sanders, and Cindy Vyskocil. Their support, guidance, leadership and general help are greatly appreciated.

Photo journalism is an accessible project to all because most people have a cell phone with a camera device. We feel this type of contest cuts across all barriers. The photo contest will have a large outreach and include many contestants thus meeting the Men of Aztlan’s initiative to engage more people.

LBCC celebrates 85 years in January 2012. The Viking Glory is a perfect launch to the upcoming year. We need to better connect with our community for next year’s celebration, and this contest bridges any gaps. We need to support our school!

Download Photo Release Form



Categories of Pictures: Student Life on Campus, In the Classroom, LBCC Leadership, Parking and Architecture, New Construction, Nature, Landmarks and Hidden Treasures, Sports, Special Events or Freedom in Creativity. Basically you can take pictures of new and old facilities, bunnies to library, inside a classroom to gardens and planetarium. Examples are as follows:


Student Life on Campus

In the Classroom (Your favorite teacher smiling, your speech in action during a debate, a picture of the whole class while professor shows Academics powerpoint on Customs of different cultures)

LBCC Leadership

Architecture t building fountain

New Construction a building rebuilt in front of us


Landmarks and Hidden Treasures

Special Events

Freedom in Creativity

New and old facilities

All Signage: Example Marquee signs

All Clubs. All Departments.

From Bunny Rabbits to Library Books.

Both Campuses inside and Out.

Solar Panels on Parking Structure (Stand at top of structure and take pictures looking down)

Horticulture department greenhouse

New mechanical shops at PCC

Welding in action?


Theatre department

Acting in motion

Music Department

Newspaper production Journalism

Computer Labs

Both Libraries

Carson bridge overpass (Stand on bridge and take picture of either side)

Art department sculptures


Veterans Stadium

Sports teams in practice

Nursing department

Science classes

Engineering departmentdisplay your inventions from class

Swimming Pools

Tennis Teams in action

Inside the Gymnasium (Banners of accomplishments hall of fame)

Dance Rooms

Capture 30 students crossing the street all at once. Dead center

You and your friends gathered for lunch at your favorite spot.

Show the Magic card games in the cafeteria

Display the culinary arts (pictures of the back of the house working hard to feed us. )


Time Table and Activities

April 18(LAC) and 19 (PCC): On Campus Photo Contest Information Booth

April 20 noon – 23 noon: Photo Contest

Pictures are due by 5:00 pm on April 23, 2011. Submit your photos to [email protected].

June: Contest Winner Announcements

August: Book Production

August and September Art Exhibit: First exhibit in the T Building (new building) and second exhibit in Nordic Lounge.

January 2012: LBCC 85th Anniversary and more book sales.


Day and night, rain or shine
1. To participate in the photo contest please submit your photograph(s) as early as 1:00 pm April 20th and no later than 5:00 p.m. Saturday April 23rd. with the following entry info: your name (last, first), city, age, phone number, e-mail address; title and description/caption of each photograph; also include approx. time, date and location of each photo. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAILED CONFIRMATION BY MON. April 25th 2011 5:00 PM IF YOUR IMAGES ARE RECEIVED.
2. A maximum of ten (10) photos may be entered by each photographer. If more than 10 photos are inadvertently submitted, only the first 10 will be considered in the judging.
3. Please save your digital files and submit them using your last name first and your first name last. For example, OrtizNick1, OrtizNick2, OrtizNick3, etc. (please submit these with the info from Rule a) Turn in your photos and paperwork together b) Email to Viking glory1
4. All photos must be taken within the LBCC Liberal Art and Pacific Coast campus limits. There are a few exceptions that are permissible: photos from bird’s eye view or outside looking in.
5. Required format for each photo: digital only; 2048 x1536 pixels or larger jpeg (at highest quality) and less than 4000 x 3000 pixels; no RAW images. Please turn in as high of quality as possible.
6. E-mailed entries will be acknowledged with an e-mailed confirmation upon receipt (see Rule #1).
7. Entry discs will not be returned.
8. All judging decisions are final.
9. Contest is open to everyone
10. The top-10 photos and category winners will receive prizes: Student Life, In the Classroom, LBCC Leadership, Parking & Architecture, New Construction, Nature, Landmarks and Hidden Treasures, Sports, Special Events, and Freedom in Creativity. Top-10 can be a random selection of any of these categories including multiple winners in one category to equal ten winners.

11. Winners will be selected on the basis of the following: originality, style, creativity, department excellence, visual impact, and artistic quality, degree of difficulty, overall photo quality, and content (capturing a moment).
12. All photos must be taken within the allotted time period from noon on Tuesday April 20th to Saturday April 23rd noon.
13. Typically, the contest receives many more outdoor photos. So, for this contest, judges will be encouraged to include indoor photos in their top-ten winners.
14. Winners under the age of eighteen (18) must have the written consent of their parent or legal guardian to participate.
15. It is understood that any copyright of all photo entries remain the property of the photographer. However, all entrants (or their parent or legal guardian, if applicable) shall agree that LBCC and anyone they may authorize may without compensation use entrant’s name, photograph or other likeness, written responses, testimonials, biographical information and statements concerning the contest for any and all purposes, including, but not limited to advertising, publication, trade, and/or promotion without additional limitation, restriction or compensation. In each publication, full credit will be given to the photographer.
16. Entry is free. No purchase or fee is required.
17. By submitting, entrant certifies that the photo(s) he/she is submitting to this photo contest is original with him/her, and that he/she has all necessary rights and authority to submit the photo and grants to the rights purported to LBCC, The Men of Aztlan, including third party rights.
18. Odds of winning will depend on the number of entries received.
19. Contestants must know and share the names and Rule 1 information of all identifiable people in their photographs. Model releases are available with application.
20. This is a family-friendly, school centered contest. No provocative, violent, or dangerous stunt photos. Organizers retain sole discretion as to what constitutes unsuitable content.
21. We welcome all ages and photographic abilities – professional and amateur. There are no age or ability categories.
22. If it is determined after the winners are announced that any winning photo was not taken during the contest’s time period, or was taken outside the college campus limits, or violates another rule listed here, the prize will be revoked and another winner announced.
23. By entering, you agree to release LBCC, The Men of Aztlan, their sponsors, their employees and representatives from all claims and liabilities in connection with this contest or with any of the prizes.
24. All entries become the property of LBCC and Men of Aztlan upon receipt.
25. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify anyone who, in their opinion, has tampered with or disrupted the entry process or operation of this contest or violated the rules.
26. Photos may not be manipulated OR enhanced, other than resizing or cropping.
27. Entries must be digital images. Digital photos are defined as images taken with a digital camera or scanned traditional photograph saved in a digital format, such as JPG. Also, see Rule 6.
28. Images must be in natural color. Black and white, sepia tone, and duotone images are not eligible.
29. No watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices may be added to images.
30. No borders or frames may be added to images. Artistic filters are not permitted.
31. Images may be resized as long as the aspect ratio is maintained.
32. Images may be cropped and rotated as necessary as long as the rectangular format is maintained and the size is within the specifications above.
33. Modifications (other than those listed above) are NOT permitted.
34. Organizers have the right to amend these rules and guidelines, as necessary, without notice.
35. Each photo exhibit image will be printed for display and you grant us permission to print your photos for possible submission in the art exhibits.

36. Permission from the teacher must be granted for picture taking inside the classroom. (don’t forget liability waivers for all participants.)


We recommend parking in our new structure on clark and carson at LAC or near the Cafeteria at PCC.

Don’t forget your parking permits for the day. You can obtain this pass at big yellow boxes found on each level of structure or near campus entrance. A One day parking permit is only $1.

Questions and Answers Section:
Where will pictures be seen?
– Image will possibly appear in the Viking Glory Photo Book and will be displayed in at least 2 art exhibits

Q Who is organizing this event?
A The contest is produced by Nick Ortiz and the Men of Aztlan nonprofit 501c3 social service club. The goal of Aztlan is to implement programs, events, education, support and advocacy that will focus on students, staff and the environment. The Men of Aztlan are a dedicated volunteer service group with unselfish brotherhood and inspiring each other towards excellence.

Q Who can submit photographs?
A We welcome all photographers. You do NOT have to be a student or employee of LBCC, nor do you have to be a professional or experienced photographer to submit a photograph. We hope alumni and community partners will participate in this event.

Q How many photos can I submit?
A We are able to accept only 10 photographs per person.

Q Who or what should be in the photograph?
A Everyone and everything found on either of our campuses. From weather to science projects, horticulture propagation in the greenhouse, welding, weather conditions, bunnies, or time in class.

Q What type of photography may be submitted?
A Digital only; 2048×1536 pixels or larger jpeg (at highest quality) or tiff only; no RAW images.

Q Which photographs will be put in the exhibition?
A All the submitted photographs will be considered for the exhibition, except those of an inappropriate nature. We expect approx. 500 images will be printed and included in the exhibit.

Q How do I submit a photograph?
Submit your photograph(s) as early as 1:00 pm April 20th and no later than 5;00 p.m. Saturday April 23rd. with the following entry info: your name (last, first), city, age, phone number, e-mail address; title and description/caption of each photograph; also include approx. time, date and location of each photo. You will receive an emailed confirmation by Monday, April 25, 2011 at 5:00 pm if your images are received.

Q What happens with the photos after the contest?
The entry photos that are selected will be displayed in at least 2 art exhibits and published in an illustrated book.

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