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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Funk Returns! 3rd Annual Long Beach Funk Fest This Saturday

Thats right! The funk returns to Long Beach with the 3rd Annual Long Beach Funk Fest right in the heart of downtown LB. The Funk Fest is part of a summer long concert series called Summer And Music th... READ MORE

One High Five For Invisible Children

The LA based Power Pop outfit One High Five has been making a name for themselves locally with a brand of rock, punk, surf, and indie pop that ignites into an explosion of raw power and sonic adventur... READ MORE

Charter Cable Hosts Battle of the Bands

If you have cable tv or internet in Long Beach then you are more then familiar with Charter Cable. Most of the time you just hear people complaining about their crappy customer service or how their bi... READ MORE

Repeater Releases New Album “We Walk From Safety”

There are a lot of great bands in the Long Beach area and as each one clamors to be heard among the mass of musicians that call this city home, its projects like Repeater that remind me how lucky I am... READ MORE