The band started as a 3 piece, Kevin Stuart (Drums), Errol Davis (Guitar) and Jonny Bell (Bass/Vocals) in late 2006 in Long Beach, California. Stuart, Davis, and Bell met while attending a music class in High School. Later, the three all worked together as Chimney Sweeps for an eccentric boss who helped them purchase musical equipment in exchange for learning cover songs.

After the band recorded the first single, Victor Rodriguez-Guerrero joined the band on Organ. In 2007, the band added another addition, Damian Edwards on Percussion. Damian had been a long time friend of the band, as well a the drummer and leader of a side-project called Black Geisha which featured Bell (bass/vocals) and Davis (keys). Edwards originally joined the band during their first West Coast tour. He had come along as the tour manager and unexpectedly joined the band on stage while performing in Oakland, California.

In the fall of 2007, Crystal Antlers began recording their first EP with producer Issiah “Ikey” Owens, who had been making regular guest appearances with the band for several months. After the majority of the tracking was complete, Guitarist Errol Davis left the band to pursue other interests and Andrew King joined. Edwards and King had played together previously in a band with H.R. from Bad Brains. King played guitar on the track “Until The Sun Dies (Part 2).”

In March 2008 the band self-released the EP to great critical acclaim and began touring extensively, joining the F-Yeah Tour which featured Monotonix, Dan Deacon, Circle Jerks, Team Robespierre, Death Set, and many more. In the summer 2008 the band signed with the label Touch And Go records, who re-issued the EP with new art by Jefferson Mayday Mayday. The original version of the EP featured a cropped version of the painting “The Robbing Of The Bride” by dada artist Max Ernst.

After signing with Touch and Go the band quickly began work on their first full-length release entitled Tentacles. The album consisted of new songs as well as a few songs written previous to the EP. Immediately following the recording, the band left for their first European tour in support of the EP and the soon to be released Tentacles. The tour lasted two-months and was filmed by director Michael Reich ( for a feature-length scripted film starring the band. The film tentatively titled Until The Sun Dies has yet to be released.

During the tour the band was notified that their label Touch and Go would be drastically downsizing and would no longer be releasing new records. Tentacles released on April 7, 2009 and was the last new release issued by Touch and Go. The band spent the rest of 2009 touring the US and Europe in support of the release. The artist Janet Beeler did the cover art and layout for Tentacles.

In February 2010, the band briefly moved into a barn in La Punta Banda, Mexico to begin writing for their next album entitled “Two-Way Mirror.” You can purchase the album direct from the band off their website. Check out the official video for “Two-Way Mirror”, its pretty awesome!

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