If one could bottle the hectic, dance pop that is Foxhollow, I think it would taste a lot like Dr.Pepper. These bright eyed, bushy tailed, borderline “tween” rockers graced Dipiazza’s stage this past Sunday with versatility that greatly surpassed 23 flavors, yet managed to weave together to create one bold sound.  Now enough with the restricting soda pop metaphors; Foxhollow has managed to perfect the juxtaposition of nostalgia and energy, creating a final product that is introspective yet energetic.  It’s as if Foster the People met The Smiths, and was then subsequently punched in the gut by Friendly Fires. That about sums them up perfectly.



If you’d like to further inquiry about the awesomeness of this band, you’re best off trying to catch them live, because unfortunately, they have merely ONE track recorded. If you’re not one for energetic, exciting live music nor in the band, you can listen to that ONE song at http://www.facebook.com/foxhollowband. If you ARE in the band, get out of whatever Buffalo Exchange and/or indie coffee shop you may be in and get into a studio! You have fans to please!

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