Paper City is a Long Beach, Ca. Pop-Rock trio, fronted by Marissa Predisik. Sonically, they’re all about Sunshine, plenty of Major Chords and Poppy Guitar Hooks—I’m imagining Lava Lamps, and girls in short A-line skirts and high heeled boots, doing the Shimmy or whatever, like an episode of Top of The Pops.

Lyrically, it’s the sometimes melancholy musings of a young woman—contemplating relationships, or life in general… Well produced and recorded, if your tastes run toward 1960’s inspired (sometimes, by way of the 1980’s) songs, this is your Morning Coffee Music.

 This is a VERY Retro-sounding affair, Predisik sticking to the form of the genre/era that’s so dear to her. I applaud the very tight production values, on this hummable collection of songs… No controversy to be had, it’s also a very SAFE choice,

Musically and lyrically (Take that with a grain of Salt—some of y’all know how I get down), I think that the overall non offensiveness of this collection is noteworthy…

 In a world of Shock and Awe, Paper City is NOT trying to be ‘Edgy’ or Controversial—the ‘F’ word was strangely absent. And, for fans of non ‘Electronic’ Music, no 808 Bass Drops or Drum Machine Programming were anywhere to be found.

A few words about the songs:

1. Rollers Show—Very 60’s Pop, a la The Turtles’ “Happy Together”, or the Beach Boys’ “California Girls”…Sunny, Major Chord Candy…a great, would-be Theme for our local Roller Derby League.

2. So It Goes—catchy guitar riff, a mini story per verse…the bridge is very pretty…again, very ‘sunny’ sounding.

3. Cruel To be Kind—Veering from the script for a minute, musically, almost a Country-Rock guitar thing going on, with an 80’s like synth on the hook…lyrically, it’s a relationship story.

4. Tonight—For me, the most interesting, original song of the 4 song set…nice piano arrangements, vocal harmonies…a little slower and slightly darker (like daytime, but the sun’s going down)…Lovely synth solo (again very 60’s).

Paper City – Tonight

Note: Ms. Predisik is a personal friend of mine, whom I’ve recorded with. When I see her, I hope she doesn’t hit really hard…

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About the Author

Dave Williams

Dave Williams is a veteran Long Beach, Ca. Jazz Trumpeter, Composer, Poet and Musical Director of the NuJazz/Funk/HipHop collective MajicBulletTheory. In his former life, Williams was a MC and Hip Hop Producer.

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