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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Follow Me Along The Sea: Arcata to Mendocino!

In case you're wondering, here's the different ways we have been packing our bikes.  This video was from Elk Prairie, so everything's changed a little, since: Arcata to Burlington State Park: 65 miles... READ MORE

Atlas Cedars – Back Porch Demos

Back Porch Demos by Atlas Cedars

Thund3rbox – Neon Neon

Neon Neon by thund3rbox

Sander Roscoe Wolff – This Eden

Sander Roscoe Wolff - This Eden

The Potential Lunatics

The Potential Lunatics are a Long Beach based teenage brother and sister alternative/punk band. Younger then most bands that were actually around to see the bands that influence them, The Potential Lu... READ MORE


A Compilation For A Complicated Problem Helps Compound Studios Stay Open

Takes a lot of work to run a recording studio, and no we don't mean your m-box and laptop. The Compound Studio has recorded some of the best Long Beach has to offer, but like all of us are in some deb... READ MORE

L’Marco Smith – Feels Like A Dream EP

Feels Like a Dream EP by L'Marco Smith

A Weekend At The Feelies #4 – Real Thieves

We're all born into society which means we're all born without the choice of making the sacrifices of individuality that come with establishing it. It's frustrating to me that the people who run most... READ MORE

Mr. Chadwick – Made of Sand

01 Made of Sand by Mr. Chadwick


A Double OO Dose Of Funk At The Queen Mary’s Groovefest This Saturday

As summer creeps in with warmer and sunnier days the swath of summertime music festivals around SoCal all vie for your attendance. In Long Beach this typically means one of our favorites, Summer And M... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Sunset Bay State Park to Arcata!

Sunset Bay State Park to Humbug Mountain State Park: 57 milesAfter our much needed rest day, we felt great!  We had a great pace the next day.  All of our breaks were really well timed.  I had a hard... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Lincoln City to Sunset Beach State Park!

Lincoln City to Newport: 24 milesWe took a half day to get from Lincoln City to Newport, where Tyler had some friends of his family that we could stay with.  The Oregon Coast is very beautiful, but al... READ MORE

Deccatree – Fast Enemies

Fast Enemies by DeccatreeCHRISKARN

Pebaluna – Timeshare Romance

Timeshare Romance by Pebaluna


How to Keep Your Stuff Safe – Batteries and Wall Outlets

The only way to reliably detect the presence of electricity, or of electrical characteristics, is with suitable testing equipment. Well, there are other ways (some people test 9V batteries on their to... READ MORE


ZEN ROBBI – Lovely in the Middle!

ZEN ROBBI Lovely in the middle- An Acoustic Collection Lovely in the middle- Organic, Catchy, & Lovely. With a trip in the right direction is where this title song starts you off through this amaz... READ MORE