VICtory Sessions: Vol. II is more then just the second release in the EP series from Audible Mainframe it is a piece of the legacy of recently passed away front man of the band MC Exposition. In the land of bubble-gum rappers and emcee’s that barely scratch the surface, Expo was a shining example of what hip hop should sound like. The lyrical content of Vol II is exceptional and reminds me why I started listening to hip hop in the first place; for the stories. Here is what the band had to say about the release:

“The VICtory Sessions” are a collection of works and collaborations centered around the cancer diagnosis to Audible Mainframe front man MC Exposition (Victor Pontes-Macedo). 

These works encompass everything that we have written and recorded since 2010 until current day, and will be released as short EP’s broken up into separate collectable volumes.  As each volume is initially released they will be exclusively available for download through our website/soundcloud page.  AMF has set up a PayPal Donations account and ask everyone to “pay what you want” for the EPs, as all money collected will help not only fund future volumes, but also contribute to the creation of the official VICtory charity. 

The purpose of this project is to keep Expo’s legacy alive through all the music that we created together over the past few years.  These sessions will not only feature band tracks with Expo, but they will also involve collaborations with artists who we consider part of the AMF family.  This project will also be a token of our appreciation to everyone who has supported our movement over the last several years… we will be VICtorious…”

The first track of the EP “The Return Of” speaks of the struggle of the independent musician in an era where, as Expo says about label backed music, “you taste the same just like Coke and Pepsi, with different package and different label, my band is not for sale though…”. With a great chorus that talks about working hard in the industry with out the “connect”, the song has hit the DIY ball out of the park with deep lyrics and a catchy beat and hook that I can see people jammin’ to at the club or in their car in traffic. Love the part where Expo talks about being the opener and rocking the fuck out of the crowd so hard the headlining band just can’t rock after them. If you ever saw Audible rock a live show you know how true this really is.

The Return Of by AudibleMainframe


The lyrical genius continues with the track “Murder Murder”, and intros with “Murder” as a tangible entity, as a concept. “They do me until their done and then try to deny me”, it is almost chronicling the concept of what murder is in itself. This leads into a catchy hook which talks about seeing “Murder all over the place”, which seems to be the case these days anytime you switch on the TV. It’s an inescapable fact of life, but within the song Expo also talks about his own death and ends that lyric with one of the most powerful lyrics on the track, and perhaps the album, “I’m choking wising I did things that I never did, like when I was alive did I ever really live? I never felt the presence of a God on this earth so when I die don’t let nobody put my body in a church”. That really hit home with me and knowing that much of this was recorded after Expo’s diagnosis with cancer, makes it that much more powerful and prophetic in my opinion.

Murder Murder by AudibleMainframe

“I can’t close my eyes without seeing African boy solider, heavy Kalashnikova hanging from skinny shoulder. So whats the hope for the next generation when these boys are out here choppin’ limbs and rapin'”


“Love ≠ Sex ” puts the spot light on dysfunctional relationships and the fact that sex does not equal love. The opening lyrics set the scene for the rest of the song with lines like “Cause I don’t love you the way that you love me is not an excuse for you to act all ugly… You think that if we argue and then have sex our relationship is taken to a whole new step, WRONG”. The struggle between sex and love is a concept everyone can relate to, and I have found myself thinking many of the same things Expo spits on this track. The music on this track, as well as the entire EP, keeps your head bobbin’ and has an old school feel to it but with and updated vibe that is hard to find in Hip Hop today.

Love ≠ Sex by AudibleMainframe


Political commentary can be found in many Audible Mainframe songs, but the next track “Pennies, Dollars and Life” lays it all out on the table. The song is a call to action and as Expo says “We stand tall , draw a line in the sand and make them meet our demands, this is it you either in or your out your either with us or not my people!” Great guitar work on this track that compliments the revolution cries of Expo. There is a mid song shift as if two song piece were stitched together, and for any other band this might be a mess, but Audible pulls it off nicely as the songs blend well. I would gladly share a dollar for this story and this “superstar band”.

Pennies, Dollars and Life by AudibleMainframe


Vol. II ends strong with the song “Curtain Call” and tells of the struggle of growing up in a generation that is inundated by a plastic, corporate world run on a “system” that is almost inescapable. The life of one that is enlightened to the problems of modern society is a tough life to live and this song captures that concept expertly. We all become the “Carnivore” at some time or another just to make it in this struggle together, and being the “dreamer” has its price, but I believe to his last breath Expo never stopped dreaming and that really shows in the message the left behind.

Curtain Call by AudibleMainframe

This truly incredible EP is available for a “Pay What You Want” format, and regardless of what you pay or if you even do, take the words to heart. I did, and will be bumping these jams for years to come as a shining example of what Hip Hop can, and should be.

“This project is dedicated to our leader, friend and brother, Expo (Victor Pontes-Macedo), who lost his 8 month battle with cancer on April 7, 2012. RIP Comrade…

Special Thanks to our families, friends and fans (you know who you are)”

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