I got a chance to catch up with Nima Kazerouni from the band So Many Wizards who just released a brand new album called “Warm Nothing” which has been receiving a lot of acclaim. I talk with Nima about how the band started and whats up next for the band. Keep reading for a stream of 2 songs off the new album!

Shea [LBI]: Ok, so tell me a little about how So Many Wizards got started?

Nima [So Many Wizards]: It started as a solo project in 2008/2009 while I was living across the street from the Mason Lofts on 9th and Locust. I had a cool setup there and I was free to play music 24 hours a day. Hardly any neighbors, plenty of space. The Long Beach community embraced me whole hardheadedly. Justin Hectus, which we all know, and Jessica Dobson from Deep Sea Diver really helped me out a lot from day 1. Super thankful for them. From there my music reached KXLU 88.9 fm and from there the L.A DIY music scene. Erik Felix and I we’re a two man for about a year and naturally it developed to the 4 piece that you see today.

Shea [LBI]: So you got your start in Long Beach, are any other members from LB?

Nima [So Many Wizards]: Our former Bassist Warren Woodward was the third member. He played with us for a couple of years but then went on to start American Males. He still lives in long beach. Great guy.

Shea [LBI]: How do you compare the LA music scene with what is going on in Long Beach?

Nima [So Many Wizards]: Its hard to explain. L.A DIY scene is more condensed. More bands and more diverse then what’s happening in L.B right now. Long Beach is amazing but right now it’s trying to rebuild from it’s former glory days.

Shea [LBI]: That makes sense, is that why you left us and defected over to the dark side, or Silverlake as they call it??

Nima [So Many Wizards]: haha. I moved to Korea Town because my gf and I had to find cheaper rent and I was playing like 2 to 3 shows a week in Echo Park, Downtown L.A and the surrounding areas to boot. Driving through 3 hour detours back down to L.B after those nights wasn’t a good time.

Shea [LBI]: Yeah, traffic sucks…
So you guys played the THINKTURE festival this past weekend, how awesome was that? We were busy and missed it!

Nima [So Many Wizards]: We actually didn’t play THINKTURE. We had to cancel due to personal reasons that couldn’t be worked out with the show. We we’re bummed but we are stoked to play in L.B on the 30th at Alex’s bar w/ friends Moses Cambell and Brown and Blue. It’s gonna be a good one.

Shea [LBI]: Oh, wow, well I guess we didn’t miss THAT much! The Alex’s Bar show sounds like a great one, will you be playing songs from your new album that you just released last week?

Nima [So Many Wizards]: Most definitely. We’ve written some exciting, brand new songs that you’ll hear at the show as well, but the tracks from the album are rad. We love playing them live and the energy at the shows is something to see.

Shea [LBI]: Cool, so even more great new music from you guys if you hit up the show!

Nima [So Many Wizards]: For sure

Shea [LBI]:You have already gotten some great press for the new album, including a “spread” in playboy, how did that come about?

Nima [So Many Wizards]: Ha yeah. It was just random. The writer over there simply emailed me wanting pics and more info on us. The same thing happened with a writer over at Entertainment Weekly. We’re now on their “Must List” in this weeks print issue right next to the new Will Farrell movie. What a trip..

Shea [LBI]: That’s amazing! Congrats, you guys deserve it!
Any tour plans in the works?

Nima [So Many Wizards]: Thanks. We’re grateful for the love. As far as touring, I would say a proper one is in the works for late Fall. In the meantime, we’re playing some great San Diego and SF shows in September.

Shea [LBI]: Speaking of shows, what is the craziest thing a fan has said or done at one of your shows?

Nima [So Many Wizards]: Haha. At the Make Music Pasadena festival a bra was thrown on stage. I think the next day that same person wrote an aggressive message to us showing her love on Facebook. The message was intense. I won’t go into it. Nonetheless, we’re stoked on her and everyone else who gets a kick out of our music. That’s what it’s all about.

Shea [LBI]:hahah, good stuff!
Well I think that wraps it up man, thanks for taking the time to talk with me!

Nima [So Many Wizards]: Anytime. My pleasure

So Many Wizards – Never Wake Up

So Many Wizards – Inner City

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