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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Wild Pack Of Canaries – Crustaceans

Crustaceans by Wild Pack Of Canaries

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 9 – Mazetreader

Mazetreader by llll-llll-llll

I get by with a little help from my friends!

  Now, I know there is no such thing as a local artist union but it sure seems like today we have a network of fellow musicians who even if they do not know each other, are supportive in many ways.  ... READ MORE

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 9 – Mazetreader

Hey mailing list, hope you like this next song. It's 'inspired by true events' and also House of Leaves, which is a great book that I'm hoping to finish this week. I don't have any H's on my mailing l... READ MORE


Outdoor Gigs

The two main things that need consideration in outdoor venues are heat and power.  When we talk about power, I’m assuming that you know how large a set-up your band will need. What you usually use in... READ MORE


Long Beach Zombie Walk RESISTANCE: Calling All Humans!

CALLING ALL HUMANS! Long Beach Independent is proud to partner with Shoreline Village and Long Beach Cinematheque to bring you the other side of the 2012 Long Beach Zombie Walk! LBI will be booking... READ MORE

Allah-Las – Allah-Las (Self Titled) – Album Review

Mesmerizing is the first word that comes to mind after listening to this fantastic new album by the Allah-Las. We did a review of their Fingerprints Records in-store performance back in April and... READ MORE

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 8

This song has been re worked and finished and I hope you enjoy it. You can start expecting something new from me again every other Saturday.   For whoever's interested here are the lyrics  "Headed for... READ MORE

Pebaluna – Sunshine Lullaby

Brand New Rival Sons Video for “Keep on Swinging”

We have never been shy about the fact that we are huge fans of the band Rival Sons. We have already posted about them several times on the blog and never miss an opportunity to post more. If you yearn... READ MORE

Northern Youth

After the demise of his LA-based band Mississippi Man in late 2010, Southern California native Luke Messimer packed his things and traveled North for Seattle. After a short stint as a keyboardist for... READ MORE