Now, I know there is no such thing as a local artist union but it sure seems like today we have a network of fellow musicians who even if they do not know each other, are supportive in many ways.

  From the ever so popular; phone call to a friend asking for a slot opening up on their bill, to canceling their own shows at venues who mistreat certain bands, to blasting friends bands songs on their website or FB page for cross promotion. Whatever it is it seems the artists here in LB have each others backs for sure.

  We as LB musicians are very fortunate to have people like Long Beach Party Project, Long Beach Independent, & the FB Long Beach Musicians group founder Shea Newkirk to help pull us all together.

  The fact of the matter is with the tools he & people like him are providing & the support we show each other the scene continues to grow. With the drastic change of the music industry & the digital era upon us, the local scene & artists have been forced to change with it. Musicians like, YOU, Shea, & myself seem to be building a stronger network with each other & using each other as catalysts to make things really happen. I haven’t seen as much of that throughout my years as a musician but it is reassuring to know that people like Shea are around helping to guide & essentially making a more accessible music scene here in LB.

  Without the LB Musicians page I myself wouldn’t have had access to hear some of my now favorite local artists. The Fallen Stars is one, The Wingard Manor is another. The LBians, Flattbush. I definitely dug The Spell, Brenda Carsey, (fiddle player) Emily Kilimnik, Earl Harville, Dublin Public, ZR, Thomas Amerman & The Wayward Sinners, CH-CH-CH-Chowday, Chapter 11, The LBians!!! & So many more its hard to even begin to name em all.

  So… On behalf of the artists here in LB, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Shea Newkirk, the founder of LBI, LB Musicians Group, & LBPP for helping keep the music scene here a thriving entity.

Below are the links to the above mentioned co’s.

Long.Beach.Party.Project –

Long Beach Independent –

Long Beach Musicians Group –

Eddie Booze.

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Eddie Booze

Eddie Booze has been writing, singing, & playing for & with a few of so-cals bands throughout the last 10 years. He has the unique ability to span or even blend genres using an array of forums to do so. He currently writes & sings for the high energy modern/classic rock/original; The Booze Band. he has also produced Hip-Hop tracks for Long Beach's own J.H.S. Eddie's past projects include but are not limited to: Hard 90, 8 count, Halfton, Mr. Knowitall & more. Eddie also has a full length Christmas Album available for sale all over the internet including itunes & Amazon for this & future holiday seasons. At the moment he is shopping multiple record labels & holding meetings with heads of entertainment in Music & Cinema alike. Eddie has just completed scoring his first 2 films this year. Dysfunctional Friends starring Megan Good & Football star Terrell Owens was released in theaters in February of this year. Eddie has also executive produced & scored the P.O.V. film The Lost Coast Tapes which has already sold in the UK, France, Japan, & Russian territories will also be releasing this year in the U.S. as well. Eddie is taking on 2 more films as of now & a television show that is scheduled to start in Mar of 2012. He is excited to be getting underway with it all.
Bio by: Sobukwe Ramsey.

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