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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Long Beach Rehab

Long Beach Rehab was put together by Qball of Sublime LBC and Bad Brains singer Isreal Joseph. They quickly got Smash Mouth guitarist Greg Camp, Matt Myers, Paget and Derek Hooks into the band. The ba... READ MORE


Long Beach Rehab – Bong Leach

One word for this new album… DAMN! Long Beach Rehab's new album "Bong Leach" has a down home Long Beach feel if I ever heard one! Have to love the sounds of LBR & this album speaks volumes of why.... READ MORE


Pour Habit Get Fueled Up At Di Piazza’s Before Australian Tour

If you’ve never seen Long Beach-area natives Pour Habit live before, that’s understandable: the Jagermeister-fueled hardcore punk quintet seems to always be on tour in Australia. When they do play nea... READ MORE


Local Vocals: The Daily Vocal Warmup

The modern singer is a vocal athlete. Dancers and elite sports professionals know the importance of preparing the body correctly for performance. Vocalists need to be the same way! Just like the skele... READ MORE

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 11 – Fake Island

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 11 - Fake Island

Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys Concert Review

For nearly 25 years Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Trio have played their own brand of classic American roots music. They seamlessly blend rockabilly, western swing and traditional country into a freewhee... READ MORE


Repair? or Refurbish?

What’s involved with a repair on a 5-10+ year old amp or keyboard? These guys are a lot like cars. How a piece of equipment bears its age depends on how well it’s been cared for and maintained. I find... READ MORE

Sounds of Noise – What’s It To You

Brand new video from Long Beach based Sounds of Noise from the upcoming album to be released in January 2013. Enjoy!