One word for this new album… DAMN!

Long Beach Rehab‘s new album “Bong Leach” has a down home Long Beach feel if I ever heard one! Have to love the sounds of LBR & this album speaks volumes of why. With very smooth guitar riffs; a masterful use of both conventional & unconventional chord progressions. Cool inventive vocal melodies & rhythms. Interesting instrumentation along with a plethora of songs styling’s while keeping true to their LB sound give this album the voice it needs. Let’s take this one song by song as we also make some general observations!

Alright has a great rocking feel to it & takes you on a ride with some slick vocal rhythms & melodies. Sweet meat & potatoes simplicity within the song that has you not only bobbin your damn head but also singing along before the song is halfway through. Super Catchy & contagious; Alright is a killer tune on a blooming album.

Long Beach Rehab – Alright

Be My Girl has some exceptional vocal ideas. “It’s a beautiful thing”, Love the whispery timber on the choruses. Very old school with this one & it even has a slight UB40 feel to the hooks as well. Well written guitar lines that intersect with the sick reggae feel to the verse vocals. This one has a definite feel of its own.

Bong Leach, now ohhhhhh shit! This one has a fucking reggae/pop/dub-step style to it. What the hell?! Do you think these guys could get any more varied with their style while still staying true to THEIR SOUND? I DO NOT! LBR has collectively done an awesome job on these songs.  LBR has teed up a good time for us, all we need to do is turn Bong Leach up, light one up & enjoy!

Gangsta Girl Party is yet another addition to the arsenal that is LBR. Long Beach Rehab is a musical barrage of seamless transitions from one genre to another.  That is a statement of fact, not an opinion. This one is a LB hip-hop joint. I am digging it very fucking much. This is not your typical album that spits out a sound that regurgitates itself throughout the duration of the 8-12 songs you’re in for. You are actually getting a rare collection of great music that continues to impress with each coming verse, chorus, & track.

Just Another Day starts with an acoustic guitar, A little ballad-y at the first but that (all alliteration aside) was quickly quelled as the lyrics came in with a funny ass story. Good shit, I had a smile on my face as this one played itself through. I am very confused on how these guys have stayed off the major airwaves & have so far evaded a larger spotlight. Long Beach Rehab has really taken the old adage, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Roots intact, LBR trudges forward in the sea of mostly bullshit music clear channel bombards us with on a daily basis, & manages to continue to bring us a good wholesome LB sound.

Mexican Drug Lord begins as homage to MY roots! PUNK ROCK BABY! It drives you quick but is soon to slow down into a catchy pocket that will have you singing along in a matter of seconds. Returning back to the punk rock sound in a matter of a minute or so, this song takes you back & forth until a sick little guitar line comes in to lead us in the direction of the outro. Simple melodies mixed with even simpler chord progressions are a mesh for success in Mexican Drug Lord. I dare you to listen to this 1 time & tell me you don’t know the damn chorus! FUCKIN LIAR!

One Time is the more traditional sub feel that you might expect from LBR. Had to chill to this & smoke one. 2nd verse comes though & what do I hear? Some fucking bad rhymes that breaks it up a little & then smoothly bleeds back into that catchy sub sound that they start you off with.

SMOKE TWO JOINTS! All I have to say about this one is… “SMOKE TWO JOINTS” take a trip with this original take on this perfect classic!

Take you Home, this one had me real fast with that cool whispery chorus feel again, but this time the chord progression made me feel like I was listening to LBR & the Beach Boys doing a little thing together.  Hop to the verse & we drive back for a bit to that inventive rhythmic vocal style LBR has on lock. Very cool tune. Take me home with this album. Road trip? Better make sure you got this album on repeat.

Today, this song almost has a little bluesy feel to it. Rock it back for a Black Crowes feel with the organ in this particular love fest. “Kicked her to the curb”! Again simplicity is the formula for this heads up composition. They have realized the attention span of the listener. LBR displays a great balance of simplicity & intricacy within this song & album alike. Simple enough that the listener gets a boner listening to it & intricate enough that musicians get one too!

Sometimes reviews are difficult to find the right words to say about the songs or artist. Not this album & not this band. This one spewed out. Damn, LBR has really drawn me in & I have to say. This album has made me a genuine fan. If you haven’t heard Long Beach Rehab, give them an honest shot & listen to this album in its entirety… You might just like what you hear. In fact, I’m betting on it.

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