If you’ve never seen Long Beach-area natives Pour Habit live before, that’s understandable: the Jagermeister-fueled hardcore punk quintet seems to always be on tour in Australia. When they do play nearby, it’s usually at a larger venue like West Hollywood’s House of Blues or The El Ray in Los Angeles, supporting headlining acts like Strung Out or NOFX. But before heading back out on tour at the end of this month, the boys returned to Dipiazza’s in Long Beach, the site of their video shoot for the single “Heads of State,” to play in a more intimate setting. Of course, if you’ve never seen them, you should know you’re missing out.

Pour Habit plays with an energy and intensity like few bands out there today. They also have ten times as much fun doing it. Their brand of sped-up punk whips the crowd into a near-riot every show, and Saturday was no exception. With a venue the size of Dipiazza’s, it’s hard to imagine much of a mosh pit forming, but the crowd couldn’t help themselves. It wasn’t long before bodies started flying, sweat began dripping, and pint glasses and beer bottles seemed like a bad idea. Their set, which followed L.A.-based bands Margate and D.C. Fallout, played like a “best of” from their two full-length records. Vocalist Chuck stepped off the stage a handful of times to mosh with the rest of the sweat-soaked mob, as if it was unclear they love to party just as hard as their fans. Despite playing a high-energy show, it wasn’t apparent that a single sip of water was taken in by any of them. Plenty of alcohol went down the hatch however, as is the usual for a Pour Habit show (the first time I saw them Chuck was cut off by a bouncer after too many cans of PBR).

The great thing about punk bands is that most of their songs are relatively short, allowing them to fit in more fan favorites during their allotted time. Pour Habit was able to shred through thirteen tracks, while drawing out their dub-inspired “Zion” as long as they could, and even taking a break to sing “Happy Birthday” to a girl in the crowd, and of course, take a few shots. Admittedly, it was a bit disappointing not to hear songs like “East 69th” or “Party,” which are about actual places in Long Beach, considering how long it’s been since they’ve played inside the city limits.

Nevertheless, they were glad to be here and the crowd was glad to have them. Even during sound check it was evident how enthused they were to be playing in Long Beach again. “God damn, we’re so happy to be here to play for you guys,” shouted Eric. Later he added “This is like our home base!”

The setlist was as follows:

Dead Soldier’s Bay
Heads of State
Against Me
Destiny Real Eyes
You Suck
Bad Luck Drunk

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