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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Local Vocals: Let It Flow- A Primer On Breathing

  In the world of singing, there remains to this day much confusion on the topic of breathing. There is disagreement among teachers and directors as to the most efficient way to control it. The d... READ MORE

Plastic Parade – Self-titled

Plastic Parade by Plastic Parade

When Buying Gear…

The ideal, of course, is that we know exactly what we are going to get… and why! Let’s do a little research, too, and choose where you’d want to start. Have you taken your axe to the store and taken a... READ MORE

Wayne “The Train” Hancock – Concert Review

If you are tired of what passes as modern day country music you owe it to yourself to check out Wayne "The Train" Hancock. The authenticity of Wayne's writing and performing hearkens back to the tradi... READ MORE

The Barrelhousers – General Sherman Blues


Pebaluna – Carny Life

I chose to put this on, and simply listen to it, with no pre-conceived notions (you’dthink that would always happen), and I found myself very pleasantly surprised…this is ablow-by-blow account of my i... READ MORE

Eddie Booze – Crashing Down

Boa Constrictors – Nice Try

Nice Try by Boa Constrictors


4th Annual Secret Santa’s Toy Drive @ Di Piazza’s

The Holidaze are upon us! It's the time of year when all the family you have been avoiding the entire year comes to town, where anything chocolate/peppermint will be mixed in with your booze, and a sl... READ MORE

Black Lab And The Banjo – Desolation Tree

desolation tree by black lab and the banjo

Boa Constrictors – Haunt Me Baby

Biceratops – Self Titled

Biceratops by BICERATOPS

This Wild Life – Pink Tie (Live Acoustic)

Chad Bishop / Dave Williams – Messin’ With You

Chad Bishop feat. Dave Williams - Messin' With You

Empty No7

Ah, so many banjo jokes, so little time. That's 'cause The Empty No7 Band is busy doing what they do best- Bringing that honest Americana Music to your local pub and eatery. Part bluegrass, part count... READ MORE