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Monthly Archives: January 2013


Sounds of Noise Release New Album “Ambulance”

One of the best things about the Long Beach music scene is the diversity of music that flows from the city. Individual musicians and artists co-mingle and intertwine like blood veins of a creativity-p... READ MORE


Wanna DIY?

I was talking to a fellow who was interested in doing some DIY work on his own amp. Naturally we ended up talking about what he needed to be successful in the endeavor. At the heart of things, it best... READ MORE


Make ‘Em Work For It: Finding a Vocal Coach

  Let's be honest- voice lessons can be expensive!! In this tough economic climate, it becomes an even larger sacrifice to spend money on vocal training. For that reason, if you are making the in... READ MORE


The Damngivers are a roots rock flavored band fronted by lead singer and writer Gerry Gomez. They have good hooks, simple song structures, folky & introspective lyrics and can flat out rock, whisp... READ MORE

The Family Stone – Everyday People @ Long Beach Funk Festival 08.18.12

The Family Stone show that even minus Sly, they still got that funk! The play their hit "Everyday People" to a crowd of thousands at the 4th annual Long Beach Funk Fest.

Monophonics @ Long Beach Funk Festival 08.18.12

Monophonics tear up the 4th annual Long Beach Funk Festival in downtown Long Beach.

Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk @ Long Beach Funk Festival 08.18.12

Ivan Neville's group Dumpstaphunk throw it down at the 4th annual Long Beach Funk Fest.

California Lions

The infectious folk-pop-rock sounds of Long Beach based California Lions is head up by a nice blend of female and male vocals provided by Carina Downing and Daniel Perkins (who also plays guitar). The... READ MORE