Rival Sons played a special homecoming show at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach. They were celebrating the US release of their Head Down record. We’ve already written extensively about the band’s incredible live shows, so instead we would like to just share photos of Jay Buchanan on vocals, Scott Holiday on lead guitar, Michael Miley on drums and Robin Everhart on bass. We’ve also included some live footage for your enjoyment.













As a special treat for their hometown, Fingerprints had a photographer on hand to take “awkward family” type photos of Rival Sons posing with their fans. Here’s our photo complete with ugly sweaters that were part of the fun!


Set List:
Pressure and Time
Burn Down Los Angeles
Gypsy Heart
Wild Animal
You Want To
All The Way
Manifest Destiny Pt. 1
Face of Light
Keep on Swinging

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