r_scott_featuredIf I had to throw R. Scott in a category, try to tack down a style, I would say Van Morrison as Ray Charles meets Steely Dan, with a pinch of Memphis or New Orleans… The vocals bring to mind Randy Newman, or Dr. John…He’s a Piano Man, and that could pretty well sum him up…The songs are very ‘working class’..no, sure they’re very proletarian, but, they sound Grown Up…I think that’s a better description… I’m not saying that the music is Pretentious or preachy, but, it evokes mature thought.



1) Armageddon Blues – Sort of a Dr. John/Steely Dan/Randy Newman/NOLA-like song… The background vocals ‘falling down;’ very tight…..Nice piano, nice hopeful message… This may be a bit beyond some of the youngsters. It’s grown up music.

2) I Give It All (To You) -Yeah, Scott!!!! Nice laid back ballad, love the organ! The VOCALS are put together well, Scott has an interesting voice, and the female counterpoint vocal sounds wonderful against his… A nice gospel tinge to it, as well. Great organ solo!

3) Angeline -Very pretty–no drums on this track really opens it up, Scott’s vocal is able to really stand out (great voice–if you met him, you wouldn’t think he sang like this)…basically a folksy little ballad, supplemented by organ (R. Scott is an outstanding keyboard player)… Love the horn break! A very pastoral ’60’s flower child vibe ‘Think ‘Happy Together’, but, mellower.

4) Silver Thread -Great horn arrangements, great trombone solo…kind of like the last joint, a little faster, a little more intense. The arrangements on this album are very organized, free of clutter and extraneous BS.

5) When I Come Home -Pretty piano intro, very Randy Newman.

6) Round the Bend -a bit of a jazzy rocker, very catchy.

7) Scotch Egg -Piano is a bit more ‘classical’…I enjoy Scott’s use of SPACE. Cats have to fill EVERYTHING up, and they leave no room for a listener’s brain to breathe.

In short, if you have a long attention span, and enjoy the music of some of the artists I’ve been Using to describe Scott’s vibe, then, this joint is for you. No Dubstep or 808 drops on this (Not that I’m dissin’ that), but, this album isn’t about Booty Shake.

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About the Author

Dave Williams

Dave Williams is a veteran Long Beach, Ca. Jazz Trumpeter, Composer, Poet and Musical Director of the NuJazz/Funk/HipHop collective MajicBulletTheory. In his former life, Williams was a MC and Hip Hop Producer.

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