When you need a good guitar repair place most musicians are willing to travel the distance to find a quality place that they can trust. As a matter of fact I walked into my garage after a particularly hot day just last week and found that one of the braces inside my acoustic guitar had come completely unglued and caused the top to split! Until recently most local musicians in my shoes would have taken this repair job to the recently closed World of Strings, but now with this long standing stringed instrument repair mecca closed, most would look outside the city to meet their needs. Before I started searching for the next best place to take my guitar I remembered a friend of mine mentioned the new Long Beach Guitar Repair shop that just opened mere blocks away from the old World of Strings location was run by a few ex-WoS employees.

DSCN1636With a slew of summer shows booked for my band Dublin Public, I needed to get my guitar fixed quickly so I searched for them online and found their Yelp page where a few people had already left great reviews. Deciding to go for it, I headed down to their location on the corner of 7th street and Orizaba just down from Dyzzy On Vynyl. After show them the damage they told me it was an easy fix, gave me a great price, and promised it back in just over a week. I talked a bit with Guillermo about the new place, which is small but seems to be a great fit for the shop. I got a call about a week later, just as promised, and my guitar was ready to be picked up so I headed down there and after being shown the guitar I could hardly tell where the crack was and Guillermo even reinforced the other braces as well!

DSCN1638If you were as sad as we at LBI were to hear about the closing of World of Strings and 1 less quality place to take your instruments, trust that you can find the same quality of service and repair at Long Beach Guitar Repair. We highly recommend them for all your stringed instrument needs!

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About the Author

Shea Newkirk

Executive Editor, Long Beach Independent

Shea has been involved in the Long Beach music scene since 2003 helping to promote unsigned, independent bands and musicians through various media including photos, video, event production, and marketing. Founder of and Folk Revival Festival as well as a musician with over 15 years experience, Shea has a great ear for finding the best independent music coming out of the local Long Beach music scene.

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