megafaunaA couple of months ago I saw Feral Kizzy at Que Sera. Austin TX band Megafauna were also on the bill. As I watched them set up — two guys in the rhythm section and a woman in a short skirt playing guitar — I expected some sort of riot grrl punk or new wave pop. I was wrong. We got shredding prog-metal.

Now, while there is a certain charm in seeing a woman strike all the typical guitar god poses (ie: on her knees with the guitar in the air), it would quickly lose its appeal if Dani Neff (aforesaid woman guitarist) didn’t have the chops to back it up. She does. She’s a powerhouse, and the rhythm section behind her matches her.

Megafauna means, loosely, “big ass beast.” They live up to the name; they put out a lot of sound for just a trio. But this isn’t thudding Black Sabbath style metal. This is more akin to King Crimson on speed. Weird time signatures, shifting tempos, dynamics up and down and all around. Not really dancing music, either. No, just kick back, let it wash over you, and be amazed. (Be sure to call ahead to reserve a spot.)

July 26, 7 pm
Fingerprints Records
420 E. 4th St.
Long Beach 90802

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G, Murray Thomas

G. Murray Thomas has been an active part of the SoCal poetry scene for over 20 years. He has performed throughout the L.A. area and beyond.
He was the editor and publisher of Next... Magazine, a poetry calendar/newsmagazine for Southern California. Next... Magazine was published monthly between 1994 and 1998. News Clips & Ego Trips, a collection of articles from Next..., was just published by Write Bloody Press.
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His most recent book of poetry is My Kidney Just Arrived, published by Tebot Bach in 2011. His previous books are Cows on the Freeway and Paper Shredders, an anthology of surf writing. He has also published five chapbooks, and has been widely published in various literary magazines.

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