This summer, Long Beach will celebrate its first annual Wilmore 9 Festival, a two day event celebrating music, film and art. The festival will be taking place in sunshine soaked Downtown Long Beach, California, Saturday August 3rd and Sunday August 4th from noon until 10pm. The event will sprawl across a few blocks of North Pine Avenue between 6th & 8th streets which includes The MADHaus, the A-LOT, and more.

The festival will celebrate music from 50+ bands ranging from local musicians to Hollywood headliners. There will be three main stages including a Long Beach Independent stage that will feature a mixture of local favorites like the Dovelles, Matteran Ghost, Kevin Miso, & Gorgeous and up and coming acts like Lotte Kestner and Kevin Long on tour from Seattle, WA. With over 50 bands over two days there really is something for everyone from bands like Dumb Love, Ceasefire, and The Aquadolls to acts like Brown and Blue, So Many Wizards, and Parade of Lights the live music at this event will Below find the schedule for the LBI Stage as well as the other main stages:

LB Independent Stage
Kristi Jo – 12:45
Wide Eyed Fever – 1:50
The Dovelles – 2:55
Matteran Ghost – 4:00
Black Veils – 5:05
Cuates – 6:10
Hopeless Romantics – 7:15
Orion Walsh – 8:20

Bearcoon – 1:50
Gorgeous – 2:55
Riley P – 4:00
Kevin Miso – 5:05
Swim Lessons – 6:10
Kevin Long – 7:15
Lotte Kestner – 8:20

MADHaus Stage
Dynamos – 12:45
The Ghosted It – 1:50
Dumb Love – 2:55
The Delirians – 4:00
Act As If – 5:05
Die Evil Die – 6:10
Batwings Catwings – 7:15
Ceasefire – 8:20

Drop The World – 12:45
Honor Meets The Outlaw- 1:50
Shane Willz- 2:55
Red Eye Redemption – 4:00
Humble Minds- 5:05
Suns of Jimi – 6:10
Parade of Lights – 7:35
Naive Thieves – 8:40

Beer Garden Stage
Victoria Bailey Band – 12:45
Stacy Clark – 1:50
Y LUV – 2:55
Moostache – 4:00
The Aquadolls – 5:05
De5tro – 6:10
Western Lows – 7:15
Last American Buffalo – 8:20

Mia Koo & The Moonlight – 12:45
Hana Kim – 1:50
Rudy Love Jr.- 2:55
Josh Harmony – 4:00
Dresses – 5:05
Brown and Blue – 6:10
So Many Wizards – 7:15
Branches – 8:20


Film submissions are rolling in from world wide up and coming filmmakers. Five theaters will hold film screenings. Artists and photographers of all genres will be showing pieces in the galleries designated to the festival. ​Do-it-yourself artists will be demonstrating arts and crafts as well a selling their once of a kind pieces. Here is a little spot that Snoop Dogg (Lion) put out to help promote the festival.

Refreshments in the August sun will be available throughout the festival. There will be a beer garden featuring 5 local breweries by the outdoor main stage, a full bar indoors with a second main stage, wine and crackers served in the galleries and a wide array of food trucks parked throughout the festival’s streets, offering a gourmet selection of grab and go bites.

The skate park will be open to the public, as well as feature some of the industries top skateboarders. Purchase of passes will allow for meet and greets and grab bags.

Enjoy many perks with the purchase of all access, VIP passes which can be purchased online. VIP wristbands will allow front of the line entry, two complimentary refreshments, VIP theatre seating and artist meet-and-greets. ALL PROCEEDS from ​VIP pass purchases will go directly to the non-profit foundation, Music Saves Lives. This foundation’s mission is to educate and save lives with the power of music. You can BUY TICKETS HERE for the festival!



About the Author

Shea Newkirk

Executive Editor, Long Beach Independent

Shea has been involved in the Long Beach music scene since 2003 helping to promote unsigned, independent bands and musicians through various media including photos, video, event production, and marketing. Founder of LongBeachIndependent.com and Folk Revival Festival as well as a musician with over 15 years experience, Shea has a great ear for finding the best independent music coming out of the local Long Beach music scene.

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