While hip hop comes in many, many different forms most peoples exposure is to mainstream hip hop which has been saturated with mindless booty-shakin’-it-at-the-club tracks that hold no real value, are unoriginal in every way, and are lyrically devoid of any storytelling, which was the central element that sparked the genre’s popularity. While mainstream hip hop is in decline artistically speaking, there are still tons of great artist creating hip hop music and Long Beach is home to a very diverse underground scene.

tao_the_way_of_natureA shining example of this is everyone’s favorite sound engineer (Di Piazza’s) and amazing producer Kris Jackson, or known to many as NatureboyRD. This local music master plays in several popular bands like Josh Fischel & The Fiction, ComeUnity Band, Paper Kits, and more, but recently has finished his long awaited mashup album “Tao – The Way of Nature“.

The project is a mostly instrumental concept album that samples popular eastern philosophers for vocals and blends eastern music samples with hip hop beats to create something truly unique. While the album is finished, the cost of production has halted the physical release of the album and NatureboyRD is asking for the communities help on his Kickstarter campaign.

“This has been a labor of love for me. It is my first ever concept album, and putting it together properly has taken over 5 years.”

As a special treat Kris has offered our readers a stream of two tracks off the album.

Here is a little about the project in his own words:

“The goal has been to bring together a blend of eastern and western music and philosophy over dope hiphop beats, and after much work I feel this has been accomplished. I put together this Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to print and promote this album. I plan to legitimately release “Tao- The Way Of Nature” on CD and limited edition Vinyl so that I can present it to a vast audience and also DJs that still spin wax. And of course on every digital media imaginable.”

“Once funded, the only challenges I see are similar to that of printing, promoting, and distributing any album (much paper work, emails, forms, etc). With your help I’m confident I will put this music out there in every format possible and will be able to use money from sales to print more copies in the future. Promotion can be challenging but I have a solid plan of what to do once I have the funding. If I don’t meet my goal I get nothing, so sharing this Kickstarter campaign is my biggest challenge right now. thanks for your support!!!”

Take a moment to DONATE to his efforts and directly support your local music scene!

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About the Author

Shea Newkirk

Executive Editor, Long Beach Independent

Shea has been involved in the Long Beach music scene since 2003 helping to promote unsigned, independent bands and musicians through various media including photos, video, event production, and marketing. Founder of LongBeachIndependent.com and Folk Revival Festival as well as a musician with over 15 years experience, Shea has a great ear for finding the best independent music coming out of the local Long Beach music scene.

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