Just five days after their awesome acoustic set at Buskerfest, The Fling performed live at Fingerprints Records to celebrate the release of their new album “Mean Something.” The album is available now and was financed through with the help of the band’s fans.

Singer/Guitarist Dustin Lovelis took the stage at Fingerprints and told the crowd that the band would be playing all the songs from the new album. There’s no better way to preview a new album then to hear the band perform it live, in it’s entirety. It was a nice treat for fans in attendance tonight. This was my third time seeing The Fling play live and they seem to get better every time. They have a intoxicating quality to their music that has the ability to draw you in. Their sound is a nice mix between 90’s alt rock with just a little 60’s pop thrown in for good measure. Check them out if you have a chance.



Graham Lovelis (bass, vocals)


Justin Roeland (guitars, keys, vocals)


Dustin Lovelis



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