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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Black Rose Phantoms

From the very beginning The Black Rose Phantom’s own take on music was one that was never heard before. Taking a mixture of traditional Psychobilly music (made popular in Europe during the 1980’s), al... READ MORE

So Many Wizards – Daydream

Roc Holiday – The Road Less Traveled

It's not often that a popular local rapper decides to completely change his identity and push out an album that not only surpasses his original work in many ways, but shows a completely different side... READ MORE


Local Show Pick Of The Week: Petey P Tribute Show w/ Prominent Sons – Josh Fischel & More

It has been over 4 years since the tragic death of Peter Sirimarco aka Petey P of the local band Prominent Sons. He was well known in the local music scene and was also a friend. Every year all of his... READ MORE

Hedgehog Swing @ Bicycle Drive-in 08.10.13

A new event to Long Beach's Summer And Music series, the Bicycle Drive-in featured a performance by Hedgehog Swing doing their brand of gypsy jazz followed by a movie screening of The Triplets of Bell... READ MORE

The Dovelles @ Bicycle Drive-in 08.10.13


Yes Mistress: Gunna Get Arrested 7″ review

The sophisticatedly primitive and psychotic punk sounds of LB’s Yes Mistress will have your body contorting and twitching in record time.  Joe Jizzum of the now defunct Shoot it up! rejoins the realm... READ MORE


Bobby Blunders: The Story of Best Neighborhood Band (Installment VIII)

The short story of "Best Neighborhood Band" (in ten easy installments) Installment VIII Skids I almost left skids off the album.  Around the time of the album’s conception I thought it was possibly to... READ MORE

Jetpack Jones

"Jetpack = Individuality. Flying on your own. Doing what YOU think is cool, not what society labels as cool. Jetpack = Positivity. Bringing good vibes to others as well as yourself. Jetpack Movement i... READ MORE


Local Show Pick Of The Week: Dick The Citizen In Utero Anniversary Show

In Utero came out 20 years ago, and to tell the truth, we've all kind of been missing Nirvana. Enter Dick the Citizen, Long Beach's finest 90s throwbacks, who will be covering In Utero in its entirety... READ MORE


Bobby Blunders: The Story of Best Neighborhood Band (Installment VII)

The short story of "Best Neighborhood Band" (in ten easy installments) Installment VII  Wound Too Tight ‘I’m wound too tight’ ‘and I’m tired of waiting’ The song began as a very brief vignette consist... READ MORE


Yppah (pronounced “Yippah”), is a lush mix of beautiful and often times melancholic electronica, breakbeat drums and samples with washed out melodies set in an atmospheric landscape. Landscape and mem... READ MORE


Interview With Local Punk Rock Legends Wrong Beach

Infamous Long Beach Punkers Wrong Beach and their front man A.J. discuss their new album and all things Long Beach past & present. Kevin: Hello A.J., so give us the break down on "Wrong Beach". Th... READ MORE

Zen Robbi – Mustaches Are Good For Business

We have seen some really great local videos this year, but I think this one takes the cake. Not very often do you see a band turn to using puppets to make a fun music video, but somehow, magically, it... READ MORE


TICKET CONTEST: Promenade Craft Beer & Wine Festival In Downtown Long Beach

This weekend the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) tap into the culinary culture of Downtown Long Beach – and a few microbrew kegs -- with the first ever Promenade Beer and Wine Festival on Saturd... READ MORE


LBI Presents: The 8th Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Party

Avast me hearties! Join Long Beach Independent for our 8th Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Party! We started this fun crazy party 8 years ago in celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day which... READ MORE