The short story of “Best Neighborhood Band” (in ten easy installments)

Installment VIII


I almost left skids off the album.  Around the time of the album’s conception I thought it was possibly too much of a stylistic outlier.  Further, it featured the most undeveloped demo of all the songs I planned to re-cut in the studio. 

The lyrics were probably the song’s saving grace.  They fit in well with the album’s established themes but were subtler, more relatable, and less heavy-handed than much of the other material. 

Another reason I was reluctant to leave this song off the album was its short length and concise arrangement, things the album could definitely benefit from more of.

The original demo featured only a very fuzzy guitar with a heavy tremolo and a doubled vocal track.  Both the lyrics and the changes came to me really fast.  I think it was all a wrap in less than 25 minutes.  The only idea I had when writing the song was that I wanted to utilize the device of having the verse rise but then dip back down instead of gratifying the listener with a chorus at the first opportunity. 

Frankly, I’m relieved that I never found the time to pile on the instruments or ideas. I’m certainly not going to weigh it down here with explanation.  I’ll just say that some well-chosen guest instrumentalists (the violin work of Laena Myers-Ionita in particular) lending this song a beautiful, expansive quality not necessarily foreseen in the song’s early stages were all I needed to finish it.




you love me best out on a limb

you wanna see my face wrought above the precipice

but i know

you’d never let me slide right in

you make sure that i pay tribute to every inch

on the way down

I fall and i fall and i fall again

just to get to the bottom of your love


i’m on the ropes, i’m on the verge, i’m on the brink, i’m on the skids

’til you let me in

(then maybe this time you’ll decide to let me in)


you like me here out on this limb

you wanna see my face smiling on the precipice

but i know

that it was you who invited me in

you made sure that i sing praises to every inch

all the way down

i fall and i fall and i fall apart

just as long as i’m unraveled by your love



drums -Chris Walker

lap steelAeron Archmbault

bassTravis Laws

percussion – Bobert Lopez

brassDarian Mola

backing vocalsMatt Ibarra

organMark Yamada

violinLaena Myers-Ionita

fuzz tremolo gtr, vocalsJesse Carzello

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About the Author

Jesse Carzello

In 2006, Jesse Carzello (Free Moral Agents/Coaxial) began moonlighting as "bobby blunders" making 8-track home recordings of unpretentious pop songs with devotional leanings. Recently recruited musician friends Tiffany Davy, Ahmad Butler, Michael J Salter, and Jeff Lewis have come together to assist in finally performing this long-incubated material live. The first proper full-length "best neighborhood band" should be seeing the light of day sooner rather than later.

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