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Monthly Archives: September 2013

So Many Wizards – Never Wake Up @ Wilmore 9 Festival 08.04.13

So Many Wizards announce they will be moving back to Long Beach where the band started just before they play their song Never Wake up.

Suns of Jimi – Death of Me @ WIlmore 9 Festival 08.04.13

Dresses – Blew My Mind @ Wilmore 9 Festival 08.04.13

Kevin Miso @ Wilmore 9 Festival 08.04.13

Redeye Redemption @ Wilmore 9 Festival 08.04.13

Rahfee Zahkee @ Wilmore 9 Festival 08.04.13


Bobby Blunders: The Story of Best Neighborhood Band (Installment V)

The short story of "Best Neighborhood Band" (in ten easy installments) Installment V Jubilation Jubilation brings Side A to a close.  It has the earliest origins of any song on ‘best neighborhood band... READ MORE