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Sarah Green & Laurita Guaico love Long Beach, have “the music your lover should buy you for Valentine’s Day” and are looking forward to going all out with their own version of “girl band” on stage this Friday. These rocker-esque ladies are excited to have a very special show for Spare Parts For Broken Hearts at DiPiazza’s on January 31st, as they are dedicating it to their good friend and photographer, Diana Gonzalez of D’licious Chaos Photography. Diana has been the photographer for the band from the very beginning in 2010 and this show will help raise money for equipment for her to move forward in her career working with bands. She is responsible for the visual history of the band and Laurita shared, “We look like a badass band with her photos! Not everybody hears us but when they see the pictures she captures, it is like…Holy shit! This band has got a lot of energy!” For Sg, “What’s cool is that she knows the set and she knows the songs, so she knows what parts are going to go off and what parts are going to be intimate and that’s why we love her, she just knows.”

When asked what message Spare Parts For Broken Hearts wants to send to the people of Long Beach and their fans, it was simple, sweet and straight to the point…”I love you!” And, coincidentally, I Love You is the name of their new EP that is going to be released on Valentine’s Day but, right now, you can exclusively stream the first single, In The Glow Of Ashes, within this article. The EP was a long year in the making, because Sg said that there was “debate over what direction we wanted to go, as far as song structure and what we really wanted to put out, we remixed it maybe 4 or 5 times. I really feel like we got captured correctly…it sounds like how we are live.” In relation to the Long Beach music scene, Sg wanted to offer up some advice for local indie music lovers, “There are hundreds of not so great bands, but there are some good ones. At least, if something catches your attention, go check it out at least once.”

SINGLE EXCLUSIVE: “In The Glow Of Ashes” from Spare Parts For Broken Hearts’ I Love You EP being released on Valentine’s Day, February 14th


Something else that is new for the band (that hasn’t officially been announced until now), is that they will have a new drummer and they are doing “a few shows with her” to see if they “want to go steady.” Part of that going “steady” includes a show with Lit on February 28th at House of Blues Anaheim, which they were booked for as a result of winning the SoCal Music/Guitar Center Battle of the Bands at Slidebar last year and the write-up in the Entertainment section of the Orange Country Register that followed. Sg indicated, “that is potentially the biggest show for us, besides variations of the Warped Tour and performing with Lita Ford and Berlin. House of Blues is a pretty nice venue and we are stoked about that!”

Speaking of the SoCal Music/Guitar Center Battle of the Bands at Slidebar last year, Sg said that was the “first contest our band has ever entered…we ended-up winning. It was good for us…it was super fun!” For Laurita, what the contest meant to her, was “I just remembered the satisfaction I got. To see the cause and effect of the hard work and it is hard to see that when it is little tiny baby steps…to see this result like that, our hard work really paid off. You can see it in our faces, there is this picture and we are just all genuinely so happy and Diana took that picture.” Entering contests isn’t easy for a band, it can lift you up in recognizing how far you have come and can tear you down when you realize how far you still have to go in some respects, but they shared that we “Worked our asses off! We tightened up the set, thought of the order of the set and dynamics of it…so we really thought about it, it wasn’t that we just showed up!” As previously mentioned, one of the results from the win (that was also a great ending to last year) was a half-page feature in the Orange County Register and Sg relayed that was “also super gratifying, because it went out to so many places we could never reach on our own” and it was “nice to open the entertainment section and have this whole spread…where the front cover was Alice Cooper and online we were right under Pearl Jam.”

Besides having the opportunity to play name venues and participating in Battle of the Bands, Spare Parts For Broken Hearts has experience being involved with the Vans Warped Tour. Playing the Vans Warped Tour with Spare Parts For Broken hearts was not Laurita’s first experience with the tour because of her previous band The Randies and, although she described it as being “115 degrees, while singing into a hair dryer,” she relayed that “We have done it a couple of times, just local dates. It definitely tests you, it can be very rewarding or it could be very challenging to pick yourself back up. You are literally playing up against so many bands and these kids show up with their allowance and they are going to spend that money on that one band, that t-shirt, and they have so much time to squeeze in so many bands and how are you going to capture that kid’s attention to come to your show? So, you do the best you can, especially when you just do a few shows because you don’t get the momentum that you get when you get to do the whole tour. When you do the whole tour, you get the advertisement, the other bands start to get to know you, you network, so then you start seeing each others’ bands and kind of support each other.” Some of the less glamorous aspects of the tour was “hauling the gear thru the dirt, the fields…you are lugging your own gear. You get out of your van, it is 115 outside and you are pulling your gear through dirt, on these broken ass wheels and have these huge amps without sound check. The positive we get is that you hope (as a small band) that a bigger band comes to see you and they like you and if they are doing a tour in the fall, you can hop on that tour, get invited to do that.”

The first time I saw Spare Parts For Broken Hearts perform was at a “girl band” themed night at DiPiazza’s last July, where they killed it on stage and had the crowd rocking out with some serious head-banging going on. They told me that they get offered a lot of shows that are themed shows, either “all girl bands or all punk bands,” but they tend to fall a bit in the middle when it comes to the type of music and kind of bands they get booked with. Girl band shows can be really fun and they are no longer just a novelty or gimmick, because these women can really rock the stage and bring in the crowds. To those that would shy away from going to see a “girl band” themed event, Sg suggests that they should “just try something new, don’t just assume that all girl bands are the same.” Being in a girl band isn’t always easy because of stereotypes, it is a “challenge we come up against because, no matter the environment, you have a room full of people and they see 3 girls come up on stage and they dismiss it. I would say just stand there for a minute, because there is substance with us.”

So, what is it that the people of Long Beach and fans don’t likely know about Sg & Laurita?


Laurita exclaimed, “I have been eating meat! Everyone has known me as a vegetarian for all of my existence…I have been eating meat and it tastes good! My palate hasn’t really adjusted yet from being a vegetarian my whole life. I have been eating meat for 2, maybe 3 years, and I had a hamburger last year for the first time.” As for Sg, “I have to have matching socks. I even wear matching day of the week socks and I am actually missing a Tuesday.”

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts has really become a Long Beach success story in their few years together and their ambition, motivation and determination doesn’t waver one bit, so 2014 looks to be a year full of new experiences, endless possibilities and awesome opportunities. These ladies are pretty much poised to have a year to remember for the band, their fans and Long Beach…and Diana will photograph all of it, so none of us will ever forget. 

All I can say to these ladies is to keep reaching for the stars and do what makes your heart sing…in this case, that would be VERY literal!


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