These guys of Long Beach (Suns of Jimi) are ready to tear up 2014 with live performances that will make you learn what tinnitus is all about and they are excited to announce that they will have a FREE (Yes, I said FREE!!!) show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday, February 1st. If the idea of FREE music is not enough, it is possible that you could be the Courteney Cox to their Bruce Springsteen, because they will be filming their DVD at the show and I have been told that the “fans can expect the best Suns of Jimi show to date”, per lead vocalist, John Komotos.
 We can also be on the lookout this year for new “refreshing” music, an album, a dvd, a music video for their song, Chinatown and they will “open a psychedelic petting zoo”. Wait! What? A psychedelic petting zoo? Oh, no, that is what they are going to open when they are rich and famous. Got to spend that money on something, right?

In all seriousness, if you live in Long Beach and love music but you don’t know this band, then you must have been living under the Queen Mary. (So much for being serious.)
 However, you are now aware and I can say that in recent months, I have had the pleasure of getting to know John and seeing Suns of Jimi perform when they won the Battle of the Bands at Molly Malone’s last November and at local favorite Long Beach venues, DiPiazza’s and Alex’s Bar. Each show was pure entertainment and offered up great live music, while being surrounded by their diehard fans.

A pivotal moment for the band occurred in 2013, when they found Chuck Elder (bassist) and his joining of the band “kind of replenished Suns of Jimi on many levels.” John shared that “we went through some serious ups and downs, where sometimes I thought the band wasn’t going to work out”, but “we turned it around and now, we are going super strong”. For 2014, they are hoping to try to accomplish holding some of their “own shows at bars without PA systems and at park amphitheaters”, which is a vast departure from their usual shows.

When I asked John to name one band that influenced Suns of Jimi’s music, he said, “One band that influenced us? One band? I don’t think I can answer that. We aim to be the new LA band though, like the Doors were, Van Halen, (The Red Hot) Chili Peppers, etc.” Admittedly, in all honesty, that was kind of a trick question. What band was ever influenced by just one band?

We should all expect great things from these guys and if you were wondering where Suns of Jimi got their name, they “had quite the time thinking of names”, but it wasn’t until John “was riding down the the freeway one day talking to Drew, listening to Jimi Hendrix” and soaking up the wonderful Southern California sun, that all of sudden he said, “How about Suns of Jimi or something of that nature?” and ”BAM! No more suggestions.”

So, here’s to Suns of Jimi in 2014! We look forward to you making Long Beach and its music scene proud.

Random Fact: The funniest moment during a live performance was when John “jumped on a monitor, which usually are very heavy and stable and this one was light as a feather and just somersaulted back in front of hundreds” of people, but the crowd loved it. If you were unfortunate enough to miss that moment, here is your chance to see it now…

John Komotos – Lead Vocals

Chuck Elder – Bass

Drew Caballero – Drums

Chris Don – Guitar, Vocals

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Nicole Rosen

As a Southern California native, Nicole (Nic M.R.) has pretty much been immersed in the music scene and beach culture since birth. Her passion for music led her to pursue a business degree in Music Business and although her talents don't include playing an instrument or singing, her industry knowledge has had its benefits in assisting various indie bands locally and internationally. Her personal life is all about music and she enjoys helping indie bands with promotion, bookings, radio airplay and anything else that gets thrown her way.

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