The LA Record Truck (now based in Long Beach) can be seen driving all around town and setting up shop at local events much like a food truck but full of musical goodness! LBI contributor Kevin McGovern took some time to talk to owner Kirk Dominguez about his unique endeavor.”

With LA Record Truck, you’re constantly on the go opening up shop in different parts of Southern California, where did the idea come from and how can people find you?

I’ve been selling off & on at record swaps for over 20 years. But, recently i decided to take record dealing more serious and that’s when I came to the realization that, here, in SoCal. Although we have a few great swaps every month, we don’t get enough opportunities to make a living off them. I didn’t want to open a brick and mortar record shop and get stuck paying rent every day and I didn’t have faith, in the foot traffic, in the locations that i could afford. So, let’s take the show on the road! Record enthusiasts can be alerted to my events via, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my website. You can always text me: 213-284-2147

What were you involved with before you started LA Record Truck?

Before this venture, I was a millionaire in training: real estate. After my real estate venture forced me into Bankruptcy, I took a few years off. During that time I traveled, explored and absorbed. I didn’t necessarily set out to do something I love. I set out to do something I could survive off. And in my travels it became clear to me that records were making a huge come back. I just needed an angle.

There seems to be a good following that gets records from your mobile store, what types of people does the Record Truck attract?

My clients range vastly in age, race, sex, and level of record collecting experience. Sometimes I’ll sell an $8.00 James Brown records, $16.00 David Bowie records and $56.00 Metallica records all to the same customer. I get a lot of serious collectors looking for VERY clean, 1st press Led Zeppelin LP’s. These people know such a record fetches an easy $80.00, I also sell a *lot* of clean Zep re-issues for (an average of) $18.00 to people that just want to hear vintage vinyl at home.

“I did have one lady hop on the bus and ask me: “Do you have any records I can put in my oven and make ashtrays out of?”

la_record_truckYou originally started as a punk photographer in the early 80s and joined forces with the legendary Flipside, how did that change your life?

I grew up in the throes of the post-punk, hardcore DIY, world, living through that movement really opened my eyes to Individualism & freedom. Which further propelled me into the realm of social rebellion, I started photographing & writing for Flipside. So, before I was of legal drinking age I was already traveling the USA documenting, now legendary, musicians and artists such as: FUGAZI, Unsane, Helmet the Jesus Lizard… etc…
Having been exposed to such social rogues at an early age, made a severe impact on me. Let’s just say, i haven’t had a job in over 20 years & since then I’ve traveled, documented an experienced more things than your average person.

When did your love of journalism and photography begin?

Back in 6th grade I had a friend, Robert and his older sister used to be in a Hollywood punk band, Deprogrammer. She used to come around once in a while and drop off a stack of magazines. We used to pour over them. I’ll never forget the pictures of scantily clad girls and crazy looking men. Little by little, I began to realize that some writers (Kickboy Face) were actually un-apologetically witty & insightful and some of the photographers were constantly great. Ed Colver, Roberta Bailey, Jenny Lens, GODLESS, James Stark & Mick Rock, to name a few.

Do you still do artwork for bands or zines?

Well, i never really stopped taking pictures. Currently i have 13 pictures on exhibit in Whittier at a pub, The 6740. Those pictures comprise of Social Distortion, Sonic Youth, the Melvins, Pussy Galore and a few others.
Next year, 3/8/14, I will have a 30-year retrospective at wine bar in the LBC, 4th St. Vine. The bulk of these pictures will start w/ my early punk images and go into hardcore then post-hardcore and finish with my more recent portraits.

At the end of the day, how do you want people to remember you?

That’s a heavy question, especially since I consider myself young and still full of ideas & energy. but, as for now, as i stand. it’s fair to say you can think of me as:

“a good drinking buddy with a camera strapped around his shoulder that is constantly talking shit about the nearest jukebox”

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About the Author

Kevin McGovern

I’ve been involved with underground art over the last 15 years and currently run the subculture e-zine “Fear & Loathing LB”, with an eye to all things that captivate, entertain, intrigue, and push boundaries. My musical experience began as singer/writer in the late 90’s with punk rock miscreants The Prostitutes and writing commentary/reviews for Now Wave Magazine. Long Beach is one of a kind with its nonstop pulse and remarkable artistic/subversive offerings. I love discovering new music and the talented individuals that bring it to life.

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