peg_albumFade into the light and disappear through the fog, Peg’s latest collection of psychedelic dream rock is required listening. Sheridan Riley of Avi Buffalo fame creates a unique sonic daydream with the perfect amount of musical minimalism. A scrapbook of poetic beauty and distortion laces the quiet cool of Living With Abbreviation. The EP is also available on a split full length with Hand Habits. The delicate and bittersweet melodies are exceptional with traces of Azure Ray, Mazzy Star and a discreet rumble reminiscent of the Breeders Pod album. The addictive dreamscape pulses and slivers with an introspection that reluctantly deconstructs confusing relationships and situations.

An idiosyncratic balance of acoustic arrangements, emphatic percussion, and electric icing cradles Riley’s addictive and hazy musical ventures. The opening track “Take Too Much” burns bright and slowly in its observation of truths that we hide from others and ourselves. A flowing harmony is tainted with overdrive guitar, expressing that uncertain angst. “Dignity (What’s close)” follows with a questioning of self-restraint. Sheridan’s voice purrs with unease as hypnotic acoustic riffs build the tension. “Unwinding of a Vein” makes a U-turn into the chic pop of The Sundays. The band’s skillful use of dynamics allow the eccentric melodies to slither through the headphones with an otherworldly presence.

The finale of this subtle ethereal detonation is simply brilliant. “Every Reason” is my pick for non-stop single rotation on indie stations across the planet. The gravity of romance and the pain of breaking-up collide in an unforgettable chorus. The surreal vocals whirl within the corrupt air of apathy and distrust. The orchestration hums with tense whispers and burning guitar heaviness. Confusion, regret, and sincerity are just as vital as guitar, bass, and drums in the universe of Peg. Definitely check out this EP, it’s also available on a limited edition 10” vinyl for record connoisseurs. I am looking forward to hearing what Peg decides to do next.

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About the Author

Kevin McGovern

I’ve been involved with underground art over the last 15 years and currently run the subculture e-zine “Fear & Loathing LB”, with an eye to all things that captivate, entertain, intrigue, and push boundaries. My musical experience began as singer/writer in the late 90’s with punk rock miscreants The Prostitutes and writing commentary/reviews for Now Wave Magazine. Long Beach is one of a kind with its nonstop pulse and remarkable artistic/subversive offerings. I love discovering new music and the talented individuals that bring it to life.

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