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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Summer And Music Will Get You Dancin’ In The Street

Downtown Long Beach’s homegrown concert series Summer and Music (SAM), co-produced by the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA), marks the start of its sixth year with the expansion of series-favorite... READ MORE

Local Show Pick Of The Week: Radio Domingo + Tomasina Glam Rock Birthday Bash

A unique and different show to celebrate TOMASINA's birthday in glam rock style! Bring your glam rock gear and be ready to rock with Radio Domingo backing up a set by Jenny Kidd Music (who will be wra... READ MORE

This Wild Life – Clouded Review

Looks can be deceiving, stereotypes detract, and emotional sincerity holds the heaviest weight. Born in the underground pop-punk playgrounds of Long Beach, This Wild Life reveals a deafeningly quiet d... READ MORE

Better Heroes at Millikan’s Visions Night

I don't actually attend Millikan High School, but an old friend told me about Visions Night and I couldn't resist. Millikan's Visions Night is basically an art gallery/concert/poetry reading/body pain... READ MORE

Local Show Pick Of The Week: Damned Age w/ Ikey Owens

This Thursday catch Damned Age & Ikey Owens at the Prospector. If you follow us on Facebook you know that Ikey is actually moving to Nashville to continue working on music with Jack White and othe... READ MORE

Dustin Lovelis – Off The Rails

RAINMAN – Live at Porch Party Records

The digital release of Rainman - Live at Porch Party Records Volume 1 releases today June 17th and is available to download for FREE until June 24th. Coming Soon: Joel Jasper - Live at Porch Party Rec... READ MORE

Vince Staples – Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2

Honey Whiskey Trio – Nothing But My Whiskey

Jail Weddings & More @ Alex’s Bar Review

The wide variety of SoCal indie rock was on full display at an eclectic night at Alex’s Bar. Opening the night were Feels, a new incarnation of prog-punkers (yes, I made that up), Raw Geronimo. They h... READ MORE

Local Show Pick Of The Week: Marker

Come out and see local band Marker play their debut show with Rooks Empire at the Prospector this Thursday. Marker is the brainchild of Mark Delgado (Suburban Serfs, No Hablo) and a group of talented... READ MORE

90’s Era Pioneers Give it One More Go

by Nate Morefield The 90’s were an interesting time for many local music scenes and Long Beach was certainly no different.  After decades of musicians being told they had to fit a certain mold or else... READ MORE

Kevin Miso

Kevin Miso is a Southern California singer/songwriter.  Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Miso’s music is very much a product of his background and upbringing.  His father is of Hawaiian desc... READ MORE

Where We Bought Our Records in Long Beach in the 1940s

In an other-than-exhaustive search and because nobody really asked, the earliest reference I've been able to find for a place to acquire new records (78s) in Long Beach was at the cleverly named Recor... READ MORE

Kevin Miso – Zombie

Tijuana Panthers – Four Horsemen

Brand new video from Long Beach surf-punkers Tijuana Panthers from their new album "Wayne Interest" out now on Innovative Leisure.