Upon arriving at the Twisted at the Pike “fair ground,” I was able to observe various people dressed as voodoo dolls, terrifying clowns, and indescribable humanoids. To the right of the entry, a small stage stood in front of an inflatable pool containing human-sized hamster balls. Directly in front was the famous ferris wheel of the pike and to the left was a beautiful water fountain. Turning right as I entered, a beer garden and taco stand were set up alongside tall, circular tables in the standing room area. The ground was grassy and trampled, and a decent crowd surrounded the stage as the Long Beach based seven-piece, Wild Pack of Canaries, began their set.

In addition to the normal instrumentation of a rock band, WPOC has a “manipulator,” trumpet-player, and saxophonist. A band deeply influenced by jazz, they utilize their instrumentation excellently. Almost like the cherry on top of a delicious ice cream sundae, the saxophone and trumpet add runs and chords and melodies on top of the intense guitars and bass.

At Twisted at the Pike, Wild Pack of Canaries performed with awe-inspiring energy. Singer and guitarist Rudy De Anda jumped around and left the stage to join the crowd and laid on the floor while singing. Trumpeter Dar Yan Mola constantly banged his head to the beat and joked around with the other members, distracting them. Manipulator Matisse Ibarra shook is wacky hair back and forth while messing with his “magic box” manipulation machine.

California isn’t known for friendly and participating crowds; generally, Californians have the reputation of standing still with their arms crossed. Despite this fact, WPOC managed to convince the crowd that standing stiff like a board is not the ideal way to enjoy music, and before I knew it, the audience was swaying to the beat and cheering for the band.

Wild Pack of Canaries put on an amazing performance at Twisted at the Pike. Be sure to check them out!

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Zoe Adler

Teen View Music

Zoe Adler leads an excitingly music-filled life by playing the flute in various ensembles, rocking out at local shows, and writing for her website: TeenView Music (www.teenviewmusic.com). She developed the revolutionary Visual Radio, a concept that mends all the problems that arise in radio today. Zoe has participated in the GRAMMY Foundation's GRAMMY Camp and has had a press and media pass to Rocklahoma, a three-day rock festival in Oklahoma. She is very excited for the future.

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