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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Joel Jasper – Home-Body

Robi Duganne – Down In San Felipe

BAAST – Ascend


Together, Maria (drums) and Kit (guitar) are bWreck, a Long Beach space rock band, formed in early 2007. Both have been active in their hometown music scene for years. bWreck straddles the DIY and mai... READ MORE

The Junglecats – Do the Whatevah

The Junglecats "Do The Whatevah" from Watch Your Head Pictures on Vimeo.

Local Show Pick of the Week: First Fridays Holiday Edition

There are few places in the city, or anywhere, where you can listen to over 15 local bands, see tons of great local art, shake hands with a council member,  encounter a stilt walker, a juggling ice cr... READ MORE

Boggie Mamas – ZsaZsa

Better Heroes – City Lights

The Vespertines – Arete

While we were busy helping to produce the Folk Revival Festival this past September, Long Beach based rockers The Vespertines managed to release this groovy rock album without us noticing!