The latest video from local emcee Sharp Skills entitled “If You Try” features his mother singing the hook for a very good reason. The song encourages men to dream and love again no matter what they face in life. The emotional chorus is sung by Sharp Skills’ mother who is a gifted Jazz and Gospel singer in her own right.

Sharp Skills speaks on the significance of the video to him: “I wanted to write something that conveyed the pain that I’ve experienced while pursuing my dream of doing music, but also give hope too. When I wrote the song, I had a vision of my mom singing to me while I was real young not able to fully understand what she was saying. But it was my mom just pretty much telling me that I could be whatever I put my mind to at an early age you know. That was the premise of the whole video.”

The child (young Sharp Skills) in the video is played by his son, Philip Jr. “The song is super significant to me because I got to have both my mom and my son in the video. So it’s sort of multi-generational. I feel like this is something we’ll always have as a family.” The Moon Buggee Productions video has a retro theme with fashion from the 1940’s and was shot in a rural California city. Musician extraordinaire, Laura D, makes a special cameo appearance throughout the video playing the drums while Sharp Skills raps.

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