we-love-ikeyThis past Sunday the Grammy’s went exactly as you would expect. Tons of pop stars in the latest fashion displaying their “genius” on stage for all to see while the real musicians & the real talent stayed humble. Despite the debacle the Grammy’s can be, Jack White winning Best Rock Performance for “Lazaretto” gives one of Long Beach’s most talented and humble musicians his second Grammy.

lazarettoIt has been only a few short months since the tragic and sudden loss of Isaiah “Ikey” Owens and while the pain is still being felt, his legacy continues to be an inspiration to many. If you only know the Ikey that played keys for Mars Volta or most recently for Jack White then you are missing out on so much amazing music. While he was a prolific musician he was also an avid producer and worked with dozens and dozens of local bands, not to mention the ones out of state or the fact that the synth-soaked Lazaretto album has Ikey’s signature sound all over it. Even though he had recently made the move to Nashville for work Ikey expressed how much he missed Long Beach and Long Beach certainly misses him.

Ikey Owens was our Beck… Humble, talented, & inspirational to say the least. His passion for music was always palpable on stage and seemed to ooze out uncontrollably from those keys like a man possessed with the spirits of music past. While winning the award is yet another testament to his musical prowess his true legacy will live on through his family, friends, and all the local musicians he created with.

We were very fortunate to have shot this video at Ikey’s very last show in Long Beach with his band Free Moral Agents. It has become one of our favorite songs and a great example of the Ikey we all loved.

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